Tips For Constructing A College Essay: The Devil Is In The Detail

Tips on how to narrow down essay topics and incorporate detail to create a concise and focused college essay.

Perfect for Freshman just starting composition

Sitting down to write a freshman composition essay can be difficult, but if a few things are kept in mind, the process can be much less painful and the outcome outstanding. When custom writing, it is always important to include details and be specific. Avoid over-generalizing or choosing a broad topic. Make sure to narrow the focus as specifically as possible and in the most detailed way possible.

Be Specific: Narrowing the Focus of an Essay

When setting out to pick a topic for an essay, make sure to pick one which will not only provide enough material to write on but also one that is as specific as possible. Say the focus is health care, avoid choosing such an umbrella topic as Medicare. Instead, look at a specific program or concern within Medicare, such as options for parents when picking children’s health care.

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By narrowing down the focus, the essay will have a clearer and more consistent flow. A specific focus helps to ensure that the novice writer’s common error of jumping topics will be easier to avoid. There is nothing that will spark the swift markings of a red pen more than shifting topics mid-paragraph, something that can easily happen without a focused topic. A narrowed topic leads to a focused essay.

Be Detail Oriented: Incorporating Images into an Essay

Constructing an essay on an assigned topic may be the most boring thing in the world, but it does not have to be! By incorporating images and concrete details into an essay, not only will the writing experience be more pleasurable, but so will the reading experience. By incorporating details into an essay, the written word paints a picture for the reader.

For instance, in an essay concerning Medicare or medical health for children, it would be very important to note the ages that the words child or children stand for, in regards to healthcare. Also, is describing a scene, be sure to include details that might engage the reader. If a child is waiting to get a shot, why shouldn’t that child be clutching a worn teddy bear for comfort?

Do not be afraid to include creative details such as these in an essay. Though not always easy to do, concrete details will take an essay writer for. A new phone says nothing about the product, but a new, sleek, shiny, Droid says volumes.

By bringing such specifics into an essay, the author is sure to move beyond the mediocre, and stand out from the rest of the essays piled on an instructor’s desk. Keeping the focus narrow and the details concrete will produce an engaging essay for the reader, and make the very process of writing less painful. Eliminate the excess, get as close to the subject as possible, and the essay is sure to bring something different.

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