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Harlem World‘s 7-mile paved bike path on the “Manhattan Waterfront Greenway Bike Path” parallels the entire length of the scenic road and passes through all of its famous communities, from Morningside Heights at 96th Street and Westside Greenway 1 on the West around the north part of uptown back down to 155th Street and Harlem River Drive in the East. Enjoy the thrill of biking over rare picturesque waterways and discovering a side of Harlem that’s impossible to see from a train.

Bike rental and repair shops can be found throughout Harlem.

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Catch-and-release fishing at the Harlem Meer has become a favorite community pastime in Central Park, and the Meer has become the has preferred fishing area in the Park. Fishing poles are available to borrow at The Charles A. Dana Discovery Center, located on the north shore of the Meer.

Some of the fish living in the Meer include largemouth bass, pumpkinseed sunfish, bluegill sunfish, carp, and chain pickerel.

The Harlem Meer is a thriving aquatic ecosystem that supports a wide variety of fish, waterfowl, turtles, plants and microorganisms. Some of the fish living in the Meer include largemouth bass, pumpkinseed sunfish, bluegill sunfish, carp, and chain pickerel.

Get the Rules and Regulations at The Charles A. Dana Discovery Center at 109th Street.


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Whether you’re in a $1 million RV with flat-screen TVs and granite kitchen counter tops, or a 2-person pup-tent with a gas lantern and mosquito net, Harlem or a hop skip and a jump from East Harlem is truly a camper’s paradise.

There are tons of Summer Day camps for Kids in Harlem. from the Summer Day Camp with Harlem Police Athletic Leaque during the summer to The Harlem YMCA Summer Day Camp operates out of a local school and our main branch it’s all good for the kids.

But perhaps the most unique camping experience East of East Harlem is Randall’s Island Park. That’s right, a hop skip and a jump is the largest oasis in the middle of New York City, that comprises most of an island in the East River, between East Harlem, the South Bronx and Astoria, Queens. Randall’s Island Park, is where you can not only camp close to reasonably priced nine acres of restored wetlands, miles of waterfront bike and pedestrian pathways (unless you’re camping in your backyard, which works just fine too).

Kayaks, Canoes, and Rowing


Along with Harlem being rich in water, Harlem has a rich rowing history. If you’re looking for a few hours of tranquil paddling or a full-day expedition, you’ll find it here at the West Harlem Piers. The West Harlem Piers the New York City Water Trail connects 160 square miles of rivers, bays, creeks, inlets and ocean in the five boroughs suitable for kayaks, canoes, and open water rowing craft. Novice and experienced paddlers alike can enjoy skyline panoramas, riverside parks, bird sanctuaries, tidal marshlands, and boundless vistas of one of the world’s premier harbors, all from a prime sea-level vantage.

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You start from the pristine emerald waters at the Harlem Meer at 110th Street (pictured above) The Park’s co-designers, Olmsted and Vaux, called this man-made water body “the Meer” (a Dutch word meaning “lake”), in recognition of the former swampland that was a part of Harlem, the 17th-century community established in this area by New York’s first European immigrants.

To the Conservatory Garden with its majestic trees of North America were a source of great national pride in the 19th century and many of the entries for the 1858 design competition suggested that an arboretum be included in the Park. Olmsted and Vaux envisioned their arboretum for the northeast corner of the Park – now the site of the Conservatory Garden and the Harlem Meer. The arboretum was never established, but the Park’s first formal garden – the Conservatory Garden – was created in 1898 when a large E-shaped greenhouse was constructed at Fifth Avenue and 105th Street.

Keep an out for the Mount at 102nd Street as you notice the twisting and turning in the Park’s paths headed towards the East Meadow. They were intentionally designed that way by Olmsted and Vaux, who chose to eschew the straight lines and hard angles of the streetscape to enhance the natural beauty and peacefulness of the park for its visitors.

At 97th Street keep your eyes out for the East Meadow which was intended by Olmsted and Vaux as you walk along the perimeter path to see American Elm, European Beeches, and London Elm trees in autumn colors red, yellow, and rust. An American Elm trees that lines the northern edge of the meadow of the Park oldest trees. dating to the construction of the Park in the 19th century.

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Be sure to visit our Harlem World Weddings page, featuring Harlem World

Most men and women dream of their wedding day, and because Harlem is home to a wide variety of stunning natural backdrops, extraordinary architecture, and world-class accommodations, it’s no surprise that this area hosts countless weddings every year.

Whether the wedding takes place on the pure white dresses, in a chapel, or a Harlem Renaissance vibe of Alhambra Ballroom, Harlem World has the perfect venue for every taste and budget and fantasy.

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Quite conveniently for brides-to-be, Harlem World’s also home to some of the best wedding photographers in the nation, many of which are featured here on Harlem World and on

Harlem Week

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The very first Harlem Week was held in 1975, and was actually one week, and because of the event’s ever-increasing popularity, the event helps to organize and promote this unique artistic celebration throughout Harlem’s world.

Today, over 40 years and 1.5 million annual visitors later, that event is known as Harlem Week, and this non-profit organization of artists, businesses, organizations and Harlem lovers who are part of the Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce not only organizes other amazing annual events, but it also provides support, sponsorship to aspiring and established talents in our community.

So important is the HW’s role that, in 2015 the GHCC flew to Cuba as cultural ambassadors from Harlem to share their success.

Harlem boasts a very rich and proud community, and we have our HW to thank for so much of that initiative and momentum.

Visit the official Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce website for more info.

Harlem Book Fair


The very first Harlem Book Fair was held in 1989, and because of the event’s ever-increasing popularity, the Harlem Book Fair (HBA) continues to help organize and promote books and the literary world with this unique literary celebration throughout Harlem from Adam Clayton Powell Blvd., to 5th Avenue on 135th Street every third week in July.

Today, years later and over 500 thousand annual visitors later, this non-profit organization of writes, and lit lovers not only organizes other amazing annual events such as the “Wheatley Awards” (and inspires like Harlem World’s new Harlem World Reading Series 2015), but it also provides Harlem Book Fair  events in other cities for aspiring and established talents in other communities.

Harlem boasts a very rich and proud writer community, and we have our HBA to thank for so much of that initiative and momentum.

Visit the official Harlem Book Fair website for more info.

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