The Top 5 Pests To Look Out For In New York City This Summer

May 18, 2021

New York City is an incredible place, home to millions of citizens and a growing selection of local and international offerings.

The city holds thousands of opportunities, although they’re not all for humans. While most people have a largely positive experience in NYC, there’s a growing issue with a growing population of pests. After all, growing urban areas lead to growing pest populations. So, let’s take a look at the top 5 pests to look out for in New York City this summer and be sure to contact an expert pest removal company like Magic Touch Exterminating and Wildlife Control for help if you are dealing with any of these pests.

Number 5: Ants

While not the first pest to come to mind for many, ants are a major problem through New York and NYC itself. After all, these pests don’t exclusively live in anthills outside, locked into somebody’s yard. There are countless species that would be more than happy to take your nice apartment and turn it into its home.

Ants are an interesting pest, as they’ll happily cause destruction to your property. Burrowing into wood located on your windowsill, doorsteps, floorboards, or cabinets, they can be anywhere. Throw in the potential to multiply into the hundreds or thousands, and you can see why it’s important to look out for these little guys. If you notice any bites or ants crawling around, definitely investigate.

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Number 4: Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are terrifying. Thanks to their small size, really creepy image when magnified, and the ability to travel virtually anywhere on virtually anything, they can really freak someone out. There’s also the fact that they are one of the most common and hard to remove pests out there. They’re small and can hitchhike on nearly anything, spreading between beds and clothing alike.

These pests have become increasingly common in NYC as the tourist population keeps growing. As tourists bring in bed bugs and leave them on beds, other tourists who use the same bed later may take them home. Then they carry them, and you can see the loop. Bed bugs are also awfully hard to remove, even with professional treatment. If you manage to view any in your bed or wake up with tiny bites, take some time to search your mattress and sheets.

Number 3: Rats

These little pests are extremely hard to capture and even harder to stay safe from. Remember, the plague originally spread off the backs of fleas on rats. With the chance to spread salmonella, rat-bite fever, other serious illnesses, and the plague, it’s important to look out for them. Rats are incredibly urban creatures, focusing on finding nice shelters and food sources indoors.

If you manage to spot any rats scurrying around, chewed wires, lost food, or bite marks, then you should definitely get to work. Luckily, of the pests on this list, rats are one of the few that can be pretty easily taken care of. Sealing food, spotted entrances, and trash, in addition to cleaning, can almost completely remove the issue. They’re still important to look out for, as the urban city of NYC is a breeding ground for them. You can learn more about the rats in the city by visiting

Number 2: Cockroaches

Cockroaches are one of the most common pests within New York City. They’re incredibly resilient insects and can potentially spread disease. With the ability to survive the radiation from a nuclear blast, they’re not afraid to live anywhere, including your home’s bathroom, living room, or pantry. Cockroaches typically nest out of sight, so it’s important to also be looking for them. Cleaning up food and vacuuming then removing cockroaches is often the easiest way to remove them though, but definitely make sure to look out for them this summer.

Number 1: Raccoons

These furry friends are one of the most common urban creatures, appearing literally anywhere there’s a shelter for them. Apartments, houses, sleeping bags, they’ll pop up anywhere there’s heat or food. While it might seem weird to think about a raccoon infesting your home, it’s really quite common. In fact, that’s why raccoon trapping is one of the most common professional services available and a top seller for many stores. Learn more about raccoon trapping here.

It’s important to look out for chewing, scratching, weird noises in your attic, open food sources, and the like, as raccoons are more than happy to enter your home. They’re not generally afraid of people either, meaning you may need to contact an expert.

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