The Online Proctoring Is Climbing Up The Popularity Charts

The whole world is in turmoil ever since the virus has taken a toll on our day to day lives. With no options left the schools along with colleges have gone on to turn to the online mode of education. Such an exam has gone on to generate a massive demand and proctoring solution has gone on to emerge as the future of education. Let us dive into this ocean and obtain more information about the same. One thing is for sure e-learning is the future of learning and it expected to touch new heights by the year 2025. Online course, certifications have all gone on to gain prominence with virtual proctoring at the center of all of them.

An overview about remote proctoring

A superior level of technology where the candidate can sit for an exam from any remote location of the world is the essence of remote proctoring. All this is done once you are assuring the reliability of the test. In the starting phase of the test, the takers of the test need to verify their credentials and their monitoring takes place with the aid of a webcam. Now in the case of cheating scams, the proctor can go on to raise the red flag.

The challenges that you might encounter if you could an online test without any type of proctoring

The present global situation is not conducive for offline proctored tests due to the travel restrictions in place. Conducting a full proctored exam does pose to be a major challenge for the bodies that go on to conduct the exam. Once an online exam is conducted without proctoring a lot of challenges are bound to arise when instances of impersonation and cheating come to the fore. In fact the students are fairly smart to design numerous cheating ideas in the form of referring of books or smartphones etc.

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Online proctoring and the type of proctoring exams

During the course of an online proctoring, the candidates are monitored in real-time under the guidance of a webcam and a microphone. So as to attempt a remote proctoring test from any location of the world there are some requirements that is necessary.

  • Any form of a suitable device in the form of a laptop and a tablet
  • The internet connection has to be stable with relevant connectivity
  • The webcam and the microphone has to be functional
  • The laptop or PC is to be integrated with modern browsers

Now coming to the question of the proctoring techniques

Online proctoring in a live form

During the course of a live proctoring method, the onus is on the skilled proctor for invigilation of the candidates and their share occurs through live feed and an audio-video test. Even the proctors are stationed in a remote location from where it is possible to be monitoring the entire test.  Their training occurs in such a manner where they are able to conduct proper authentication and if there is any form of cheating alert they have to raise a red flag. In a grid view they could figure out 16 screens and at the most around 32 screens. One of the major benefits of this method is that it goes on to eradicate all form of physical constraints.

Recorded proctoring

Here the proctor is not going to monitor the exam in real-time as the screen feeds of the candidates are taken during the course of an exam. Then as part of the proctoring solution, the proctor is going to watch the live feeds in a fast-forward mode. Once they go on to detect any form of suspicious activity they might specify remarks for the same.

Automated proctoring in an advanced form

It is an advanced form of proctoring and also goes by the name of AI. Once again the audio-video visuals and the screen feeds of the candidate are recorded in real-time. Through the method of advanced analytics any form of suspicious activities are detected during the course of this test. Even it has to make sure that the attention of the candidate should be towards the screen at all point of time during a test. Once you come across any form of suspicious object it is an obvious fact that you might have to red flag the test.

The factors contributing to the growth of online proctoring

With the emergence in the concept of online examination the concept of remote proctoring has gone on to scale new heights. It does become an easy task to be integrating it with your current LMS tool. Even it has to be robust and incorporate all the basic features in the form of screen sharing along with audiovisual feeds.

More advanced the features of AI better it is going to work out. With the aid of proctoring technology, it is going to remove all manual activities as their replacement takes place with the help of robust technology. Even there is a need to be presenting a comprehensive report about the candidate and how they have gone on to perform during an examination.

Other pointers of consideration

Quite a few of them go on to charge on an exam by exam basis that makes it really inconvenient for the students. Even it might be uncomfortable for the new users as it is a new form of technology. But most of them are available in the market with the latest user technology along with supported software.

It really becomes difficult for a candidate to cheat during the exams. With numerous advanced features on offer it becomes really difficult even to think on the lines of cheating during the exam.

For all the online courses the concept of remote proctoring works out to be the future. With the current acceptance levels it becomes easy to confer the fact that it would be the future of learning in the days to come.

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