The Benefits Of American CBD From Harlem To Hollywood

CBD is a health supplement used to provide aid for multiple conditions.

It’s believed to help combat depression and anxiety, reduce pain, and even make your skin more beautiful by reducing acne. CBD is being produced all around the world and is extracted from hemp plants, with popular locations including the UK, Mexico, and, of course, the United States of America.

The quality of CBD obtained from each region differs, and although there are respected and trusted brands from elsewhere, to make sure you’re getting the best and most effective CBD, it’s best to always shop American. The reason for this isn’t based on blind patriotism, either, as there are in fact various benefits of getting American-made CBD over other nationalities.

Here are some of those reasons.


The CBD industry is a new one, and because of that, it lacks some vital legislation and restrictions to protect customers. That said, the nation with one of the strictest and most plentiful regulations is the US, meaning not only is the CBD oils themselves tested but the crops they come from need to be approved also.

In turn, this means that every single American product that’s legally on the market has passed these regulations and are of good quality. There’s also third-party testing that needs to be done on American products, too. These range from oils to ointments and CBD cream that are analyzed to ensure that there are no toxins left in it, or excess THC.

Better Methods

American based hemp farmers and CBD production companies are usually the first to use the most advanced and high-tech production methods out there. There are many ways to make CBD, ranging from cheaper yet more dangerous options to the more efficient and safer.

A lot of unregulated companies outside the Untied States would often use harmful CBD extraction methods where they use chemicals such as butane and propane to get the CBD out of hemp, which can not only explode, but also be dangerous if it’s still present in CBD oil. Most American companies use ethanol to get the CBD out, which is far safer as it destroys all the unwanted toxins and byproducts of the plant, making it super safe.

Better Source Materials

When buying CBD, you want to seek products that are made from American grown hemp, as usually this means that it’s of a much higher quality. This is because most hemp producers in the States will ensure that their plants are free from GMO and are not treated with pesticides which can damage the plant.

Furthermore, the quality of the soil in some American locations such as California or Ohio is fantastic, due to how nutrient rich it is. Due to hemp plants being so super absorbent, they’re going to suck up these great nutrients, increasing its quality and health. This property of the hemp plant means that poor quality soil, which is likely to be found in Mexico, can ruin the quality of the plant as it may absorb heavy metals and toxins that will reduce the quality of the CBD.

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