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Statement From Reverend Al Sharpton About Gov Cuomo

President and founder of National Action Network (NAN), Reverend Al Sharpton released the following statement in response to attacks on Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Executive Order to remove district attorneys from prosecutions involving police officers who kill unarmed civilians.Continue reading

Salters Scene: Police Show Solidarity With Fallen Officers

[caption id="attachment_46458" align="aligncenter" width="450"] Atmosphere[/caption] By Udo Salters  The funeral for New York City Police Officer Ramos was held on Saturday December 20th at the Christ Tabernacle on Myrtle Avenue. Ramos and his Partner Police Officer Wenjian Liu were shot in their police car in Brooklyn.Continue reading

“New Research “Quantifies Hope” For Black Men And Boys”

A new report jointly released by Foundation Center and the Campaign for Black Male Achievement shows a distinct trend toward increased U.S. foundation funding for organizations and programs that are working to improve the life outcomes of Black males. Education historically receives the largest share of this support, but giving in other areas, including human services and public affairs, has grown.Continue reading

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