Statement From Uptown Council Member Rodriguez And Others On Ravi Ragbir Detention

Council Member Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez (D-Manhattan) and Jumaane D. Williams (D-Brooklyn) released the following statement as immigration rights activist Ravi Ragbir was granted habeas corpus by Judge Katherine B. Forrest and will be released from ICE custody until a future hearing. 

“Earlier today, Ravi Ragbir, an immigration rights activist who was immorally detained by ICE earlier this year, was granted habeas corpus in federal court and permitted to leave ICE custody pending a future hearing. While a temporary victory, this in nonetheless extraordinarily significant. After Ravi’s immoral detention over two weeks ago, the outpouring of support on his behalf was extraordinary from elected officials, activists, the New York community, and supporters around the country. Even temporarily, thanks to their efforts, Ravi is coming home.”
“Let us be clear: Ravi’s situation is still dire. As the Trump Administration seems to be deliberately and aggressively targeting its political opponents, they are sure to continue to push for the deportation of a bold leader like Ravi Ragbir. We must continue to raise our voices and use all tools at our disposal to help him remain in the country and community that he calls home. As Ravi is today granted the freedom to be with his family, he would urge us not forget that tens of thousands of immigrants have been and continue to be removed under Trump, and all others living in this country who live in fear of deportation, including 800,000 DREAMers. In New York alone, millions of undocumented immigrants like Amanda Morales Guerra call our state home and serve to enrich our communities. The immorality, hatred, and bigotry of the current administration leaves millions threatened every day, and we must support them in every way we can.”
“We stand with Ravi, and we stand in opposition to the tactics employed by Trump and ICE across our state and our nation. We are a nation of immigrants, a city of sanctuary, and we have a moral obligation to stand against injustice that targets our neighbors, our communities, and the American ideals that we proclaim ourselves to hold, and that Donald Trump and his deportation force clearly do not.”

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