Starbucks Takes A Tea Break, Closes Teavana ‘Tea Bars’

starbucks-east-harlem1Starbucks (not in Harlem) is retreating from Teavana “tea bars” that first opened in New York City a little more than two years ago and mimicked the coffee chain’s namesake stores, except with tea.

The company says it will convert the three “tea bars” in New York City to Starbucks stores this spring and close another location in Beverly Hills. A fifth location in Seattle near its headquarters will remain open as a way to test new ideas. The more than 350 Teavana retail locations, which primarily sell packaged teas and appliances, will stay open as well.

Starbucks Corp. representative Chistina McPherson says the moves do not change the company’s “commitment to tea.” She said the idea is to instead provide tea options through Starbucks stores, which have a bigger footprint (source).

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