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taleb muhammed bookProtagonist Chris Low is a selfish, arrogant and hugely famous rhythm and blues Singer who’s on the verge of losing it all in the new book “The Real Love Series Book 1: Chris Low Superstar” from Talib Abdul Muhammad.

“It’s a story about love, real love, and discovering the things in one’s life that are truly important,” Muhammad says. “It’s about the importance of respecting the people in our lives who love us and it’s also about the power of forgiveness.”

Circle of Friends Book Club selected ‘Chris Low Spuperstar’ as their best read for December 2014/2015.

Chris Low is the biggest r&b star on the planet and he thinks that the world revolves solely around him, until suddenly his world starts to unravel due to his infi delity and arrogance. First his girlfriend of eight years, Coco leaves him after she catches him cheating on her with a fan. Then he puts his singing career in serious jeopardy after demanding that he be released from the record label that gave him his start. But the owner of the label Jacob Monroe refuses to release him and sets out to destroy Chris when Chris’s manager plays dirty. In the midst of him fighting for his career and his woman, his mother, Clare is forced to reveal to him a shameful secret that she’s been keeping for 40 years. A secret that will change his life!

Talib is a native of Harlem, New York. He has been a very ambitious writer since the 5th grade, where he wrote an entire play that was performed at his elementary school. His passion for writing has never left him. He is also very passionate about his NY sports. He enjoys watching the Knicks, the Giants, and his beloved New York Yankees! “Chris Low Superstar” is Talib’s first published book. Amazon

Readers will witness love, lust, betrayal and revenge unfold between the pages of this riveting, dramatic and sometimes humorous and touching novel.

The real life issues that this book touches will surely make Muhammad’s message- Life is bigger than any one person’s ego- real for all who read it.

“My book is not mushy and far-fetched,” Muhammad says. “It is very entertaining, but it is real. It doesn’t try to make the characters lovable all the time. It makes them human instead.”

Here’s what readers are saying about Chris Low Superstar:

“…..This book was the bomb it start out from the first chapter catching my attention. I finished in one day. Been awhile since I was able to find a book to do that. Great read.”

“……This book grabbed my attention from the beginning and held it. There are a lot of things going on in this story, but you never get lost, the author flows smoothly from one thing to another and back again. He also ties it all together nicely in the end……”

“The characters are likable and it was interesting to read the viewpoints of the other players. Would definitely recommend Chris Low Superstar to anyone who likes stories of love and redemption.”


rangel and talib in harlem book fairAbout Talib Abdul Muhammad

Talib Abdul Muhammad is a native of Harlem, New York. He grew up in a time where his dreams were seemingly unreachable and far fetched. Talib knew since childhood that he wanted to be a writer. His first  venture into the writing arena came when he was in the fifth grade, where he wrote an entire play that was performed at his elementary school. The play was a huge success and fueled Talib’s passion for the arts even more.

But, as the case with many  inner city youth, Talib-though he had a strong mother guiding him- nearly fell to the wayside.  Although he loved writing, he started to doubt his gift and left his dreams behind for a life that appeared more tangible, more realistic and easier to obtain.

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Unfortunately, he ended up in the one place his loving mother always warned him he would end up if he ever got involved with the streets-prison.

During his 17 year incarceration, Talib began to reflect on his life and his bad decisions.  Eventually, he turned to the one thing that would keep him going: His writing.

He is now the author of his first published  novel and is busy working on several projects.

His number one goal is to redefine success by living his dreams and using his life’s story to help inner city youth make positive  choices regarding  their future. Talib hopes that his life will uplift and impact his community and future generations.

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