Sponsored Love: Looking For A Guide To Buying Asscher Cut Diamonds On Rare Carat?

July 3, 2024

If you are looking for the diamond that looks sophisticated and royally classy, then the Asscher cut is one that you might consider wearing.

Therefore, when liaising with this great cut, it is important to acquire then from a reliable source. A good example is being able to buy from Rare Carat, a site that you should know has a good reputation in providing quality diamonds with good services. In this article we are going to cover all the major aspects of the Asscher cut diamonds and offer you useful tips to make this process as comfortable as possible.

Understanding Asscher Cut Diamonds

The Asscher cut or the square emerald cut has step in facet and a high rise crown that make a dazzling mirror image effect. This cut was former created in the year 1902 by the Asscher brothers in Amsterdam and became standard during the Art Deco period. Currently, the diamonds with Asscher cut are highly appreciated for the retro look and the exceptional clashing characteristic.

When selecting an Asscher cut diamond, it’s essential to consider the 4 Cs: The four ‘C’s include; Carat, Cut, Color and Clarity. They define the quality and the worth of a diamond in the market. Thus, by choosing a service similar to Rare Carat, you will have an excellent opportunity to select properly Cut Rare Carat diamonds that will meet all your expectations.

Carat Weight

Carat weight basically tells the size of the diamond. Although a diamond of this cut is more costly than a larger stone, an Asscher cut diamond is incredibly attractive and emphasizes the ideas of brilliance and fire even at a small size of the formed stone. Indeed, the choice of the carat weight should also take into consideration your tendencies and the available amount of money. Remember, that diamonds in Asscher cut look smaller than round cut, when they weigh the same carat, because of its deep depth and high crown.

Cut Quality

When it comes to an Asscher diamond, probably the most significant part is the cut – less appropriation than any other style of engagement ring. Ideal cut in Asscher shall include aspects such as symmetry, polish and proportions that will make the stone to have better light return and appearance. When it comes to the cut quality, it is recommended that you go for a diamond with high crown, deep pavilion, and a square shape. Rare Carat offers precise cut grade of every diamond you’d be interested in enabling you to make a proper decision.


The colour of the diamond very much affects its looks, though it is a very minor issue in comparison to the other grades and certifications. A Asscher cut diamond usually has visibility of color more than the other cuts, so one has to be very careful when selecting the colored grade of the stone. Actually the most famous diamond grading system is not colored by the GIA, which uses the letter scale ranging from D for colorless to Z for light yellow or brown. Regarding the color of the diamond, for Asscher cut diamonds, it’s best to go for D-H color range to get a bright diamond. RareCarat allows its clients a variety of choices in terms of the color that they would wish to have.


Clearness deals with the existence of inclusion, internal flaws or speckles, commonly termed as inclusions while the external black specks are known as blemishes. The step-cut facets of the Asscher diamonds are so designed that the inclusions are way more prominent; hence, the clarity must be as high as possible. Clarity is also on a scale where gems with no inclusions/blemishes are visible under a 10x magnification rate are given the GIA Flawless while those that have inclusions that are visible to the naked eye are said to be GIA Included. When it comes to those important middle links, the Asscher cut diamonds should be of clarity grade of VS2 or higher as this gives the diamond a stunning clear look.


Again when buying an Asscher cut, one must ensure that the stone is certified by an approved grading lab such as GIA or the AGS. Certification simply gives a third party opinion on the diamond and helps confirm the authenticity of the diamond hence the worth of the intended price for the diamond. In particular, RareCarat deals only in certified diamonds, which means that you are safe when making a purchase.

Setting Styles

Asscher cut diamond engagement rings and other types of jewelry should be set to a correct environment to complement its god looks. Common styles are dated, halo, and solitaire engagement ring types. A Solitaire setting is best suited to the diamond since it brings out the best in it, while a halo setting brings the added bonus of sparkle and an slightly larger-looking stone. Classical styles fit the Asscher cut looks even more unique and individual due to its antique design.

Budget Considerations

Asscher cut diamonds are quite priced based on the carat weight, the quality of the cut, color, and clarity of the stone. First of all, it is recommended to set up some financial constraints on the choice and rank the issues that define the further process in accordance with their importance. RareCarat gives you a variety of diamonds to cater for your budget, which enables you to get a stunning Asscher cut diamond.


Selecting an Asscher cut diamond is a wise decision for everybody who wished to have a classic and beautiful jewel. Through the implementation of 4Cs and certification, decision on styles and the available budget, one can easily settle for the ideal diamond. To have a good variety and the best quality, it is recommended to purchase it from Rare Carat that guarantees its customers the best quality of the engagement ring. Due to the large collection of diamond jewelry and the company’s focus on the client, RareCarat is a worthy ally in the process of the purchase of diamonds.

FAQs on Buying Asscher Cut Diamonds from Rare Carat

What makes Asscher cut diamonds unique?

Asscher cut diamonds has characteristics that are not observed in any other diamond shapes or cuts, these characteristics include, step-cut facets, high crown, and square with its corners cut. Such features form an enchanting mirrors’ effect and create even a more brilliant fire and brilliance of the diamond. The Asscher cut diamond rings are classic rings that are mostly preferred by those individuals who want a beautiful and stylish diamond.

Why should I buy Asscher cut diamonds from Rare Carat?

Among the return customers, RareCarat has an extensive collection of top-notch, certified Asscher cut diamonds. They give specific data on 4 Cs; Carat, Cut, Color and Clarity, and guarantee all conveyance diamonds are not engaged with unauthorised unethical practices. Furthermore, Rare Carat provides fair prices, good customer support, and safe purchase process, which makes the service reputable if you want to buy diamonds.

How does the carat weight of an Asscher cut diamond affect its appearance?

Thus, the size of the Asscher cut diamond is defined by its carat weight. But it is worth mentioning that, the diamonds cut by Asscher look slightly smaller than round of the similar carat weight owing to deep depth and high crown. Deciding the carat weight, it is imperative to contemplate for how many times in a week, one is going to wear it, and whether the Asscher cut diamond would look good in small carat weight also, which can provide good brilliance.

What should I look for in the cut quality of an Asscher cut diamond?

When analyzing the quality of an Asscher cut diamond, it good to observe that it has good symmetry, polish, and proportions to be superior. A crown that is taller, a deep pavé, and a square geometry of the cut are sign of an ideal selection within the category of Asscher diamond. Rare Carat offers a detailed cut grade, and with the cut grade, you can make a proper choice of jewelry items.

How does the color of an Asscher cut diamond impact its appearance?

Like all corrected STEP Cuts, Asscher cut diamonds have a larger proportion of open facet which makes them more vulnerable to revealing the color. The range must lie between the grade D—the colorless and the grade H for it to have a bright color. Rare Carat provides many color solutions to make certain that prospective clients could pick the best one for them.

Why is clarity important for Asscher cut diamonds?

Due to the light reflection of the step-cut facets of Asscher diamonds, inclusions become prominent; therefore, the diamond should be of high clarity. To gain the clearest look the clarity grade for the diamond should be VS2 (Very Slightly Included) and above. Rare Carat also designate clarity information of every diamond they sell and thus simplifies the search for a diamond with a fewer inclusion.

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