What is sponsored content?

Sponsored Content (also called Native Advertising) is a way for brands to integrate their messages into the stream of our site content. Sponsored Content is an opportunity for sponsors to share richer messages or more complex points of view than other sponsorship positions, like display advertising.

What are Sponsored Guides?

Sponsored Guides is a digital forum for dialogue about the companies and/or individuals industry call-to-action (event, release, concert, etc.,). Think of it as an op-ed page for the 21st century.

Why Sponsored Content on Sponsored Guides?

Sponsored Content on Sponsored Guides allows sponsors to reach Harlem World Magazine’s well-educated audience through brand messaging in the form of written articles, reports, videos or interactive. This material is clearly labeled as “Sponsored” and visually differentiated to prevent readers from confusing it with independent editorial content. It’s the digital equivalent of “advertorials” you’ve seen in newspapers and magazines for decades. The points of view expressed don’t reflect those of Harlem World, and sponsors play no role in the Harlem World’s editorial decisions.

What are the guidelines?

First and foremost, we set the highest possible standard of editorial integrity; our readers know they can trust us. No set of guidelines can address every situation that may arise, but  these guidelines protect that trust:

    • Sponsored Content is created or commissioned by sponsors. It should help advance a policy argument, provide historical background, etc., and do so in a way that raises intellectual discourse on Harlem issues.
    • As is the case with Harlem World sponsorships, underwriting, and advertising, views expressed in Sponsored Content do not reflect those of Harlem World.
    • Sponsored Content may address controversial topics. Harlem World, however, may refuse publication of any content that undermines the integrity of its brand.
    • Sponsors are responsible for ensuring that Sponsored Content is accurate and complies with all applicable laws and regulations. Harlem World reserves the right to reject or remove any Sponsored Content that is false, libelous, illegal, misleading, etc. at its discretion.
    • No political endorsements will be permitted.
    • Sponsors are encouraged to participate in a dialogue with commenters on their Sponsored Content. Sponsors play no role in moderating comments.

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