Simple Hacks That Will Help You If You’re Struggling With Damaged Hair

February 9, 2022

Most people think that if they have damaged hair, the only solution is to cut it all off and start over. But this isn’t always the case! There are simple hacks that you can do at home to help improve the condition of your hair, even if it’s been severely damaged.

If you’ve dyed your hair a lot, or have used heat styling tools on it frequently, chances are there are some split ends. But if using scissors is out of the question because of how short your hair already is – here’s what you can do instead!

Hair extensions

Make sure you get the correct hair extension for your hair type. For those with extremely damaged hair, a more durable option would be clip-in extensions which are made of a hard plastic texture and a metal clip that is attached to the base. These extensions can last up to six months or longer! Getting these will help give you some time to work on repairing your damaged hair and will give you the option to switch between one length and a shorter length. You can also opt for tape in hair extensions by Spectrum One which is much like the clip-in extensions, but they require less maintenance. This is because they don’t use heat to attach to your hair so they’re a great option for anyone looking for undetectable hair extensions.

A lot of people choose to dye their hair extensions, but this isn’t always necessary. As long as the color looks close enough to your own color (or that of your desired color) it should be fine. If you are planning on dyeing the extensions, make sure you use a semi-permanent or demi-permanent color. You don’t want to risk your hair becoming extremely dry because of the harsh chemicals in permanent dyes.

Hair masks

This is probably one of the most important factors when trying to repair damaged hair. By putting hot oil treatments on your hair regularly, you are helping to put the moisture back into your locks. Different oils provide different benefits – some are better for strengthening, while others are better for conditioning. For example, coconut oil is great for conditioning but it doesn’t strengthen the hair follicle as castor oil does.

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There are also pre-made masks for hair available at the drugstore. But you can also make your own hair mask from ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen, such as eggs and honey- which not only help to condition but also add a lot of shine to your hair!

If you’re looking for a more professional treatment – look into getting a keratin straightening treatment. Since this is aimed at hair that has been severely damaged, it works very well when you’re trying to achieve a smoother finish. A keratin treatment can also help strengthen your hair follicles so, in the long run, it’s actually cheaper than constantly getting salon treatments done every so often.

Higher quality products

You’ll be surprised at how drastically different the results will be when you switch over to using high-quality hair products! You’ll find that less of the product is required to achieve the desired result and it will stay in your hair longer. If you’re a regular at salons, ask your hairdresser about their recommendations for better quality products for damaged hair, or check online for reputable brands.

In addition to these hacks, make sure you also get enough rest, drink plenty of water, and don’t overwork yourself with strenuous activities. All these factors contribute to not only health but also the condition of your hair so you’ll find that it will be much easier to achieve a healthier head of hair when you take care of your body as well!

Take vitamins

Vitamins can help you speed up the time it takes to recover from a serious condition of damaged hair, or even help you prevent any major damage from occurring. There are so many options for which vitamins you want to take – but make sure that they provide your body with nutrients such as vitamin E and B12. Vitamin E can be found in natural oils such as coconut, avocado, or almond. Vitamin B12 can be found in lean meats, fish, and dairy products.

If you’re not a fan of taking pills but still want to reap the benefits of vitamins – there is also an easier option. You can drink your vitamin-packed drinks by making fresh juices with fruits like carrots and oranges! Just remember to drink them fresh so you can get the most benefits!

Use essential oils for your hair

Essential oils are great for treating all types of hair! You can use essential oils mixed in with your shampoo, or you can add pure oil into the palm of your hand and rub it onto the shafts of your hair. One of the most popular uses is to tame frizziness – since essential oils are not only good for conditioning but they can also help with adding shine!

We recommend using lavender oil to treat damaged hair, but you can use any of your favorite oils. Just make sure that they are 100% pure so there is no risk of irritation or allergic reaction when applying the oil directly to the scalp.

Make sure to read the label on shampoos

Many shampoos and conditioners available at your local drugstores have been formulated for specific hair types – so make sure to read the labels! For instance, if you have dry hair – look for a shampoo or conditioner that is meant for dry hair. In fact, more professional brands will often label their products for “dry hair” so it’s much easier to identify the shampoo you need as opposed to simply “for damaged hair”.

The ingredients in shampoos and conditioners can also be different. Avoid any products that have a lot of chemicals – these are not only bad for your hair but they’re also irritating to the scalp. If you prefer a more natural approach, go for organic certified products that do not contain any harmful chemicals.

The tips we’ve shared in this blog post should help you take care of your hair and keep it healthy. From vitamins to high-quality products, make sure you’re taking the necessary steps to ensure that your damaged hair is not only manageable but also beautiful!

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