Settlement vs. Litigation In Chicago Nursing-Home Abuse Cases: What Are The Differences?

February 7, 2023

If you or someone you love are a victim of nursing home abuse in Chicago.

you may be wondering what kind of legal recourse is available to you and your loved ones in the event that your rights are violated.

Terms like settlement and litigation can be confusing, but by understanding the differences, you can be an effective advocate for yourself and your loved ones. Here are the key differences between a settlement and a lawsuit.


One of the ways in which you and your loved ones can seek recourse against an alleged abuser is by reaching out to a neutral third party who will help you resolve the situation with the abuser in a confidential manner. A settlement is a binding agreement between two or more parties to determine how they will resolve a dispute.

In a settlement, you may not receive a trial, nor do you have to pay a judgment. There are many examples of favorable settlements in the nursing home abuse situation. This can include monetary payments and no-contact orders.

Settlements are often preferable to litigation because of their speed, expense, and confidentiality. If the parties are making appropriate representations to the mediator or to the mediator’s agent, and if the settlement offer is a fair settlement of all parties’ interests, then the mediation is over.


You and your loved ones can also seek recourse through litigation. Litigation is a formal legal proceeding between a private individual and a state, a federal, or a private individual, in which the individual or individual and state(s) or the federal government, which are called litigants, seek the enforcement of their rights. This can be initiated either by filing a lawsuit on your own behalf or by filing a lawsuit on behalf of another party.

 The most important thing to understand about litigation is that it is a series of three-way conversations between the parties and the court. Once litigants file a lawsuit, the court will take the case and will conduct a formal trial. The trial is designed to test whether or not the parties to the case are correct about the facts surrounding the dispute. In most cases, the court will also determine whether or not the law itself is correct in this case. Nursing home abuse lawyers and litigants should be familiar with many of the resources available to nursing home residents and their loved ones in cases of nursing home abuse.

Is a Settlement or a Lawsuit Right for You?

Here are some questions to consider.

  • Do you understand the process and have the skills to participate effectively?
  • Do you understand the law and have the skills to participate effectively?
  • Will your case have legal merit?
  • Would a settlement offer an equitable resolution?
  • Would you accept a monetary payment, or do you want an order to prevent future abuse?

After pondering these questions and talking to an experienced attorney, the case’s path will be determined. It’s important that you learn the facts and have a basic understanding of the law as this will allow you to participate in the settlement or the lawsuit and be successful.

Hiring a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Finding a competent nursing home abuse attorney may be difficult, especially for those unaware of the legal issues surrounding nursing home abuse. Remember that when an attorney represents an individual, they act as their advocate. Whether you file a lawsuit or settle a case, you can only do so by having the aid of an attorney. You will need the advice of an attorney experienced in nursing home abuse and the laws involved. Many work on a contingency basis, offering to represent the client case-by-case basis, depending on how much they will be charged for the work.


To protect yourself and your loved ones, nursing home abuse law is a topic that should be discussed by all people involved with nursing homes. Knowing the difference between reaching a settlement and taking a lawsuit will help you decide the best way to proceed.

A nursing home attorney is the best person to help you understand the law and how to proceed, but if you have any questions about how your case will be handled, you can contact your local bar association and ask to speak to an attorney for free.

Don’t hesitate to approach your loved ones for advice on this issue. They can help you feel less alone in your predicament. If you take action and file a complaint, you may be able to protect yourself and those who care for you. Reach out to legal services for nursing home abuse, and follow their advice.

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