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Today, Representative Adriano Espaillat, announces more than $500 million total grant funding has been awarded to projects benefitting constituents of New York’s 13th congressional district.

“One of my responsibilities in Congress is to assist my constituents with navigating the federal grants process,” said Rep. Espaillat. “Many agencies have programs that award federal grant money for projects that provide public services, stimulate growth of the economy, and benefit the general public. These grants help support recovery initiatives, innovative research, small business incentives, and programs that benefit each of us. I am proud of the work we’ve accomplished during 2017 to award more than $500 million grant funding for projects that benefit constituents of my district.”

Here’s a snapshot of the more than $500 million total grant money benefitting constituents:

$301,508 in grant funding to expand the Made in NY Program: Funding helps expand technical assistance to New York City manufacturers to improve their digital marketing efforts, project management, and capacity building. The project is anticipated to create over 100 jobs, save an additional 200 jobs, and generate over $1.65 million in private investments.

$1,000,000 in grant funding for the Comprehensive School Safety Initiative: Funding supports critical research at Yeshiva University to investigate school security climates and identify student growth in different security environments. The results of this study aim to identify the most effective type of school security climate and measure the impact on student life and academic performance.

342,858 in grant funding for Second Chance Act Strengthening Relationships Between Young Fathers, Young Mothers: Funding supports the successful transition of young mothers and fathers as they return to their families and communities from incarceration. Young children need parents that are capable of providing and caring for them, and this program aims to give parents the needed tools to lay the groundwork for their children’s futures. The program coordinates a comprehensive strategy that includes mentoring, effective parenting skills development, and private and community service partnerships.

$900,511 in grant funding for Upward Bound, Columbia University for 2017-2018: Funding addresses the needs of our most vulnerable students through funding Upward Bound applications that were unjustifiably rejected earlier this year by the Department of Education. After months of advocacy by Rep. Espaillat, including letters, press conferences, and op-eds, the U.S. Department of Education reconsidered the funding applications from seventy-seven universities. Several institutions including Columbia University, Cornell University, and the City University of New York’s City College will now receive funds to provide access to critical resources and tools that enable thousands of high school students across the country to reach their full potential.

Click here to view a full list of grant funding awarded during 2017 to New York’s 13th congressional district. Visit or for additional resources and information on how to apply for grant funding opportunities.

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