HWM Salon Series


July 2021 will usher in the launch of the HWM Salon Series – a series of virtual and/or hybrid events where we host a one-on-one interview with thought leaders, legends, and trailblazers in Harlem, that lead up to the annual HWM Summit every November.

The topics will include the Arts, Harlem Cuisine, Harlem History and Culture, Journalism, Media and Entertainment, and Business/Economic Development.

Harlem has always been a leader in the urban community and is a brand recognized around the world for thought leadership, style, and innovation.

Key Marketing Objectives

This series will also serve as a way for the Harlem World Magazine platform to build audience and revenue streams as we grow to become the definitive voice of Harlem.

Our strategy is to engage fresh, timely voices who are leading the culture in Harlem today.

We pair this with fresh, in-depth one-on-one (sometimes two) that will be a must-attend for anyone interested in what they need to know today.

Pairing this positioning with state-of-the art production and social media amplification, we will be able to successfully carve out our niche in the marketplace.

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