Review: Alive! 5+ and Kickin’ Musical At The Dempsey Theater In Harlem

Alive0061By Lil Nickelson

You have to go to the Dempsey Theater located at 127 West 127th Street to see Alive! The Musical 55+ and Kickin’. One of two new shows produced by the Mama Foundation for the Arts it is inspirational to people of all ages and backgrounds. Directed by Ken Wydro the musical features an ensemble of performers made up of men and women who range in age from 55 to 74 years old who can sing and have a story to tell. Through short stories the performers give you a little insight about their individual journey through life’s twist and turns and then they each sing lead on a song that is meaningful to them.

Some of their life experiences are very shocking; makes you think if you had experienced what they have in life would you be able to get up on a stage and tell your story. Others make you think if not for the grace of God, how He forgives and can redeem people that the world may have written off; give you a testimony to proclaim. These performers get a chance to do it on a stage in Harlem and speak of the second chance they were given to sing about the goodness of a God that gives you a second chance to live and fulfill your dreams. It makes you think what have I always wanted to do, but didn’t pursue for what ever reason.

The message that keeps resonating through your head after each performance is that you are not defined by your past, but by your capacity to dream. You are never too old to do what you love. The songs were like a sound track to my childhood and early adult years when I partied hardy and lived for the weekend. They brought back sweet memories. The whole theme made me realize I need to continue trying to follow my passion for what I love to do too as I look to transition to my next passion when it comes to how I work too. To show you how God works, my future business partner was in the audience for the same performance as I and neither of us knew the other person would be attending, let alone on the same day. When we discussed the show the next week we both commented how it was like a sign to keep on trying to make our vision a reality.

Alive! The Musical has a message for people of all ages. Even if you didn’t follow the path that the world says you should have it is never too late. Tomorrow you too can embark on pursuing your passion. Vy Higginsen and Ken Wydro started out producing musicals with “Mama I Want to Sing” and through the foundation their theatrical work continues into the 21st century. The Mama Foundation for the Arts encourages organizations to sponsor theater parties and fundraisers by coming to see one of the four productions currently running at the Dempsey Theater. Call 212 280-1045 today for group rates. In addition, five nearby restaurants have partnered with the foundation and will give you great discounts when you present your ticket stub at their establishments. So come to Harlem and soak up some off Broadway Theater and think about your deferred dream.

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  1. such a wonderful show 60 Minutes portrayed on 1/24/2016. My one thing on my bucket list is to get to Harlem. Please help this to happen by providing me with the place to find the dates and prices for the performance. Also, I have no idea where to stay in the area…any suggestions would be appreciated. again- WONDERFUL in so many ways

  2. Please email me about upcoming shows on Alive 55plus and kicking performances.

  3. please send me a schedule of the date and time and cost of the show alive 55 plus thanking you in avance

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