I Refuse To Call You Bitch

March 29, 2014

I-RefuseBy Chike Ukaegbu

I refuse to call you a bitch

I said I refuse to call you a bitch

I refuse to call you a bitch; A female dog

A malicious unpleasant, selfish and lewd woman

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No, as disparaging and offensive as it also sounds

I know better

I know that you are NOT an animal

NO! You are not 2 portions short of being a complete woman

Not three-fifths of a human, and definitely not an animal

For if God created man in his image and, You carefully fashioned from besides me; You who came out of me

What does it make me, if I (with all the God given authority to name all created by him and for him),

Call you – my soul mate, my partner, my completion, his handiwork, a bitch

What does it make my children, whom you bear within you for 9 months,

Giving them life and food till they come forth to bear my name and carry on my lineage

For if an orange begets another, a bitch sure does and will only bear another

Oh and when bitches bear sons, they only bear sons of bitches

So since we will most likely personify that which nurtures us,

Sons of bitches without fathers, aka Dogs, become sons of bitches nurtured, groomed and trained by bitches and are therefore bitches themselves.

Remember the 1-drop rule of color used as a historical colloquial term to socially classify any and all born of African ancestry;

Making us believe that contrary to God’s affirmation of completion and being beautiful,

That we are actually 40 percent short of fulfillment,

YEA a whopping 40 percent short of His glory

I refuse to call you a bitch

Because I cannot fall in love with a bitch – that’s subhuman

I cannot have sex, copulate or reproduce with a bitch – that’s bestiality

And I cannot interact on a human level with a bitch – that’s just plain crazy.

I refuse to call you a bitch

Because I was born of a woman, whole, beautiful, black, dark, nurturing and one who loved and still loves, gave and will still give her life for her husband, whom she treats as her King, and her children, whom she trained as Royalty.

I refuse to call you a bitch because I have 3 godly, beautifully crafted, intelligently independent, aggressively educated, respectably and wonderfully sexy sisters

Sisters who are queens, No LIE, in the homes of their husbands, trained professionally and possessing careers simmering above the bachelor’s level, holding tenaciously to their faith and Love for God, loving unconditionally of their husbands and family, and towing the path set forth by the Queen Mother, MOM.

I refuse to call you a bitch because of my dearly beloved niece, as young as she is, understands even at 4 that she’s not only loved by her parents, but will without a doubt be protected and spoiled by her uncles, and grandparents, and family.

My Uncle Chike, she screams as her ‘word-cannot even-explain’ laughter, released at intervals as her heart melting smile adorned with her two almost dotted but yet vertically aligned dimples hits my heart, warming it constantly while innocently reminding me that tomorrow, that someday, she’ll become the woman to nurture the next generation of kings and Queens destined for greatness.

How can I call you a bitch after that?

How can I call you a bitch when I hope to create, to give life to the next generation of women

Likened to my mother, and sisters and aunts, and doctors, and teachers and yes, even Presidents?

Bitches cannot accomplish any of those, because they aint no humans.

You are therefore not a bitch

Because you are fearfully and wonderfully made by God

To beautifully adorn the earth,

To beautifully support your king

And to beautifully preserve a royal lineage

How many other races use demeaning words derived from animals like bitch,

As terms for endearment to describe their females?

How many music videos and representations of others

Do you see degrading their women like we do?

And we wonder why we only constitute about 13% of the entire population,

Yet account for 50% of the inmate population.

Your bitches are making sons of bitches not fit to live with humans.


How would you feel if another called the females you love bitches?


How would you feel if what you did to her or what you are doing to her is done to yours?

-Your mom, your sister, your aunt, your daughter


If she is a bitch and you are messing with her, what does that make you?

Think if we have a generation of only bitches, carrying, birthing and nurturing our babies, what lies in store for our children?


If God gave Adam an instruction not to eat, and he didn’t until Eve gave him the fruit to eat,

Which ooh yes, he did partake of.

How much power lies within her?

Mind you she ate the fruit first, so she knew knowledge before we did. SELAH!

A young black man did tell me ‘I be bagging all them black bitches and hoes’,

But right after added ‘I aint never gon date a black woman’.

As confident as he thought he was,

I added, ’But you were born of a black woman, what does that make you?

He paused and I added ‘Would you love to hear another dude call your mother a bitch? Exactly My point!

But it aches much deeper when our queens and sisters refer to themselves as bitches

‘These ma bitches’ ‘yo that hoez ma bitch and she’s got ma back’

What? NO!!! HELL NO

No you cannot and will not call yourselves bitches

And expect us to treat you as sisters and queens.


Act like MORE because you will be treated the way you treat yourself

Be a female, a lady, a woman, a sister, a queen

Be words that describe HUMAN beings, not words that equate you to animals or ‘less than human’.

Brothers, Guys, Men, Boys, Sons,

Hold your Women, Sisters, Girls, Mothers, Ladies accountable to elevate their thinking,; And their actions; And their representations

BUT give them the respect they deserve

Because the woman was created from your side

So that you can love and protect her,

Not from your feet to be trampled upon

So No, we are not a Nation of men and bitches,

Nor bitches and sons of bitches,

Nor a people inflicted with bestiality,

Nor a people ignorantly destroying our dearly beloved sisters and mothers,

Nor people too blind to see that our children will learn from us and will carry on our legacies,

Be it good, ugly or bad

So let’s right our ways

By understanding that the black woman needs to be nurtured, respected, honored and protected

Because she has become an endangered source of life,

Streaming, gushing and supplying love to us her children, her offspring created in the image of God.

Therefore, I am NOT of a bitch,

Will not associate with a bitch,

And have no desire to know a bitch


I am a rare Black Man,

The rare breed of hybrid royalty,

Balanced in manhood as a product of love undefined yet unbounded between a KING and HIS QUEEN;

One of 3 rare sons of a rare black King,

Born and nurtured by a rare Black Queen, Woman, Mother, MOM;

Loved, succored and protected by rare Black Women, Sisters, Ladies, successive Queens

And seeking to find my kind, one of matchless worth – a rare Black Woman, Sistah, Partner, Daughter, Lady, unparalleled Wife, and Mother to my unborn rare children – Royalty untold, fashioned of God, but made by humans for humans.

So let’s redefine the word bitch,

By erasing its use as a term of endearment

Mostly synonymous to our black women

And instead elevate our lingos to words that edify,

Words that inspire and words that seek to appreciate and honor our beautiful women

Because ‘bitch’ should only describe a female dog –

D.O.G – an animal,

Not our daughters,

Not our sisters

And definitely not our mothers

I therefore refuse to call you a bitch!

Dedicated to beautiful queens who hold themselves in high regard.

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