Recent Acquisitions At El Museo Del Barrio

d5a901e3-b48b-47af-ba44-db3aedc3219eThis exhibition features a selection of recent acquisitions to El Museo’s permanent collection. It includes our most recent purchase, David Antonio Cruz’s Puerto Rican Pieta, a portrait of the artist and his mother, acquired thanks to a generous gift from the Jacques and Natasha Gelman Foundation.It is accompanied by another large-scale self-portrait by Alessandra Exposito, a gift of the American Academy of Arts and Letters, New York, and a set of body cast sculptures by artist Rigoberto Torres (Puerto Rico), generously donated by artist and East Harlem resident John Ahearn. Works of photography, prints, sculpture, and ceramics accompany paintings in this multimedia exhibition that highlights the iconic presence of the human form in various ways. Quiet moments of (self-)reflection are seen, as are individual statements about the possibilities of a particular material, such as wood or stoneware. The artist is often present, as in a series of photographs by Ernesto Pujol. Art stars from the last century such as Julio Alpuy (Uruguay), the ceramicist Louis Mendez (New York), and Nemesio Antunez (Chile) are shown alongside younger artists such as Cruz (Philadelphia), Exposito (Miami) and William Villalongo (Hollywood, Florida). The exhibition highlights the importance and generosity of collectors, artists, foundations and other institutions in the growth and development of El Museo’s collection.

El Museo Del Barrio, 1230 Fifth Avenue, NEW YORK, NY 10029  |  212.831.7272,

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