Reader Survey Questions

Our readers are number one, which is why they have a seat on our HWM Advisory Board. We want to create the magazine you want, which is why we created the survey below:

    1. How frequently do you visit our Harlem World Magazine? (required)

    2. Which sections or topics do you find most interesting or valuable? (required)

    3. How did you discover the magazine? (required)

    4. Are you satisfied with the quality of the content we provide? (required)

    5. What type of content would you like to see more of in the magazine? (required)

    6. How likely are you to recommend the magazine to others? (required)

    7. How would you rate the overall user experience of our website (1-5, 5 being best)? (required)

    8. Are there any specific improvements or changes you would like to see in the magazine? (required)

    9. Which social media platforms do you follow us on? (required)

    10. Do you find our social media content engaging and informative? (required)

    11. Have you ever interacted with our magazine's social media posts or comments section? (required)

    12. How important is it for you to see Harlem news and events covered in the magazine? (required)

    13. Are there any specific Harlem topics or issues you would like us to focus on more? (required)

    14. How do you prefer to consume Harlem content (e.g., website, videos, podcasts)? (required)

    15. Are there any particular Harlem businesses or events you would like us to feature? (required)

    16. Would you be interested in participating in reader polls or contests? (required)

    17. What other Harlem magazines or news sources do you regularly follow? (required)

    18. How likely are you to engage with sponsored content or advertisements within the magazine? (required)

    19. Are there any additional features or functionalities you would like to see on the website? (required)

    20. Would you be interested in subscribing to a newsletter or receiving email updates from us? (required)

    Please add any additional information below.

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