Visually speaking, the most appealing ads in print tend to fall into the category of native advertising, where an ad unit or sponsored content resembles the look of the rest of the magazine. This creates a more natural experience for our users and projects a cohesive brand identity. Custom print advertorial spotlighting your business with a “call to action,” always works best.

Our expert team creates our stories. We curate a roster of in-the-know and highly influential locals. Harlem isn’t just a place—it’s a state of mind. Across all our platforms—digital, social, live events and print in 2019—we strive to present content that is easy to access and navigate online.

  • Eighth Page $ 249
  • Quarter Page (6) $ 499
  • Half page (4) $ 999
  • Full page (2) $ 1,899
  • Spread (1) $ 3,899
  • Sponsorship (1) $ 4,999

Digital file of ads from advertisers or their ad agencies can be e-mailed as high-resolution PDF, EPS (outlined), or TIFF file at least 300 dpi and 120 line screen. Alternately, you can send your large materials via

Ads created in InDesign (Mac platform) should include fonts (no stylized or TrueType fonts), artwork and photos (saved as TIFF or EPS files – CMYK – at least 300 dpi).
Ink densities for 4 color images should never exceed 200%.

Space is limited.


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