The Podcast Package

The Harlem World Magazine Podcast Package is all about digital marketing bringing our advertising and marketing strategies together focused on increasing the reach and visibility of your business by connecting you with our 52,000+ monthly influencers.

Our goal is to increase the reach and visibility of your business by using the package to spread your Harlem Story with a “Call to action” across all our platforms connecting you to our readers, from our Website to our podcast to our e-mail blasts and more.

Podcast Package*

  • E-mail-Blast (5,000 premium subscribers)                                                                ——–
  • Article Post (52,000+ monthly and hi-res photo)                                                       $  149
  • Podcast (55,000+ shares iHeartRadio, Apple, Amazon, etc.,)                                  $  349

                                                                                                                                  Total $  499 

*This is a monthly package we suggest a three-month cycle.

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