Pet Relocation: A Guide To Transporting Your Furry Friend Safely And Comfortably

May 14, 2024

Moving is an event that can happen to anyone and be very highly stressful for both you and your pets.

Besides the actual change of residence, they also face a change in daily routine, environment and habits. Accordingly, every possible approach towards their comfort and security must be devoted to the relocation.

Preparing for the move

The very first and major aspect that should be taken into consideration when moving with pets is the planning. Make sure you are aware of all the move particulars such as date, route, destination, and accommodations in advance. One of the services that professional moving companies, including Elate Moving, offer is very comprehensive moving preparation that provides you with all the information you need so that you can think about the move and plan your relocation with ease.

Prior to your relocation, make sure you have an appointment with a veterinarian who will check your pet’s health and give recommendations if necessary. It is essential to ensure that your pet’s vaccinations are up-to-date and to receive the necessary advice regarding the move. The veterinarian can also prescribe products which help to ease stress during travel and prevent pets from getting sick while on the move.

Before going, be sure to have all the documents and veterinary certificates that are required for your pet. This may also require veterinary passports, vaccination certificates, and pet transport permits if you are going to travel to a country that needs these things.

Select the suitable mode of transportation you will be using for your pets. This depends on the distance and individual pet’s needs. Ensure that the vehicle offers comfort and safety to your pet while on the road.

Ensuring safety during transportation

It is better to use special carriers or cages for pet safety. They ensure that your pet has a comfortable place to stay and feels safe while on the move.

During prolonged journeys, it is necessary to provide opportunities for your pet to rest, rehydrate, drink, and use the litter box (in the case of cats). And then, do try to watch over the cabin temperature, particularly in cases of too hot or too cold weather.

Stress may be an enormous difficulty that animals have to deal with during transportation. So try to make traveling as relaxing as possible for your pet. This can be achieved by making the carrier or cage a cozy place, by providing familiar items (blankets or toys) and a calming presence from the owner.

How to take care of your pet during a move

See to it that your pet has sufficient water and food during the travel journey. Pets are prone to stress during the move, therefore they should drink an adequate amount of water and get the usual amount of food.

As applicable, take the time during the trip for some walks and exercise for your pet. Strolling will help to expend some of the energy that has been stored within the carrier and your pet will be able to relax in the open air.

It is vital to keep your pet’s carrier or cage clean during the trip. Scavenge regularly and make sure that the pod is clean so that your pet can be comfy while traveling.

Post-move adaptation

Arriving in a new home can be a stressful time for pets. Try to recreate a familiar environment for them. Place their bed, food and water bowls, toys and other familiar items in places which remind him of their old home.

 Allow your pet enough time to get used to the novel space. Do not make him leave the carrier or cage immediately, let him explore the new space at his own pace.

Do not be shy to consult with your vet after your pet develops any health or behavioral issues after the relocation. The vet will be able to evaluate your pet’s condition and give you the right advice for the further care and adaptation.

Moving with pets could be a hard and stressful process. Yet, the keen planning and preparations may let you have an easier life along with your pets. It is vital to bear in mind that your pets need to be safe, comfortable, and taken care of during the move, considering their needs and personalities.

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