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Harlem World Magazine helps thousands of new readers live their best life in Harlem and around the world. Hundreds of thousands more visit Harlem World Magazine to learn where to shop or which products might work best to meet their life and style goals.

Our partner program, which is free to join, allows suitable Harlem-related businesses and companies to provide the Harlem community with direct access to and information on their products and services. Services to improve their life or the style in which they are living.

Co-branded consult portals, business listings, e-mail blasts as well as many self-serve features designed to help market your products and services are all free of charge. We offer an online Partner Portal that’s designed to enable self-serve management of these services 24/7.

Premium Services: Ask about how we can create informative content on your products and services for our site, resource page, and newsletters, and how to participate in our events.

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