Paris: Bella, Bella, Bella Stuns Harlem’s A$AP Rocky, Ferg And Us With Fully See-Through Dress

The chest area of 20-year-old model Bella Hadid has been a major focus of photographers, this time with Harlem’s A$AP Rocky during the “Haute Couture” portion of Paris Fashion Week. This weekend, she was spotted wearing a jacket with a sheer top underneath. As it was fully unzipped, there were moments when the jacket allowed for what’s known as a nip slip. There was no slippage last night. Wearing a see-through Dior gown and no jacket, her nips were fully exposed throughout the night.

She wore the visually arresting ensemble to Dior’s masquerade ball, where she was greeted by two leading members of the A$AP Mob. They were both highly impressed with the manner in which Dior’s design was able to bring out Hadid’s physique. Ferg, a fashionista himself, was mesmerized by the bodice area.

Hadid is far from the first female celebrity to join the Free the Nipple movement. In fact, Kendall Jenner, who’s rumored to be dating Rocky, has freed hers — which happen to be pierced — many times before. Earlier this month, Kourtney Kardashian revealed the full anatomy of her chest while on a date with Justin Bieber. And speaking of Biebs, is now beefin with The Weeknd for dating Selena Gomez … who, on her part, is rumored to have tensions with Hadid, The Weeknd‘s most recent ex. It’s expected that Hadid’s recent public exposure will only further entangle this web of celebrity love.

As the world turns.

Photo credit via Minimal Fashion

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