Does Harlem Want To Be An Uptown Meatpacking District?

Could Harlem become the next Meatpacking District? A panel of boosters from both neighborhoods said at a business event Wednesday that the prominent uptown neighborhood could learn a thing or two from the once-gritty downtown district now internationally known for its high-end shopping, chic nightclubs and upscale restaurants. PHOTOGRAPHY The fabulous Ms. Hegamin, Harlem recording…

Eartha’s World: Harlem, It’s 2023! What’s It Gonna Be?

by Eartha Watts Hicks, Editor-in-Chief The first time my family was homeless, it was my fault. I was a latchkey kid, like everybody else back then. PHOTOGRAPHY The fabulous Ms. Hegamin, Harlem recording superstar “Queen Victoria.” One of the most indelible images that we’ve posted this year that set 2022 apart.