NYPD Rescue Man Threatening To Jump From Bridge Taken To Harlem Hospital (Video)

man-on-bridge-in-harlemA daring rescue took place Wednesday morning when a man climbed to the top of the Macombs Dam Bridge, which connects Harlem with the South Bronx.

A man in apparent distress climbed to the top of the bridge and threatened to jump around 9:26 a.m. Wednesday, police told source. Officers from the NYPD Emergency Service Unit responded to the scene and set up an inflatable airbag on the road below, police said.

Police released a video of the rescue. At the beginning of the video the man is seen yelling and pointing at responding police before climbing to the top of the bridge and standing at the north ledge. Police officers eventually climbed up to the ledge and after a two-hour standoff were able to convince the man to come down.

The video then shows police securing the man in a harness and lowering him down to safety.

Here is the video:

The man was taken to Harlem Hospital in stable condition for an evaluation, police said.

Video: NYPD

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