The Newest Stan Smith Looks Different

How do you make a practically perfect sneaker even better? That’s a tough call, especially for an icon like the Stan Smith that’s been worn from  to Sugar Hill, but Adidas managed to one-up the classic kick with its latest release.

The new Stan Smith Boost Primeknit has the pedigree of the fashion-crowd favorite but gets an upgrade via the latest tech from the crew at Adidas.

Stan Smith Boost Primeknit” may not roll off the tongue as “Stan Smith,” but you’ll be happy to learn that this new release retains most of the shoe’s most classic attributes. The clean white look is still there, which means you’ll be able to wear these with everything. Footwear News reports that instead of the standard leather upper, Adidas is using its Primeknit technology, which not only looks cool and lets the shoe breathe, it eliminates a lot of waste during the production process. But wait, haven’t you seen that before? You have, since the Stan Smith Primeknit has been available in limited quantities before. What sets this pair apart? The addition of Boost tech.

sk a sneakerhead friend what Adidas Boost is and you’ll basically start a “those are so hard to get” or “want, need, can’t get ’em” convo. It’s true, a lot of Adidas Boost options, like the Ultra Boost and Pure Boost, sell out quick. Real quick. Why? Boost soles are ultra-comfortable and look cool, too. The signature cloud-like white texture lets everyone know that you’re up on what’s cool in the world of covetable sneaks and even impresses those who aren’t in the loop. The Stan Smith Boost Primeknit is the very first time that Adidas has paired both the cushy Boost sole with the high-tech Primeknit upper, creating a modern update to a throwback sneaker.

Like the classic Stan Smith released in ’73, the new version is available in white and green, which mirrors the OG release, and white and navy. The shoes aren’t available stateside just yet, so if you’ve got a buddy on the other side of the Atlantic, we’d hit up WhatsApp ASAP. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait for the U.S. drop and deal with all the Stan Smith stans and risk a sell-out.

Harlem World Magazine found a pair of Stan Smith Boost Primeknit on Amazon HERE.

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