Mobile Shopping Apps Has Seen A Huge Rise During The Pandemic

The Covid 19 pandemic has seen massive growth in e-commerce sales and accordingly, a rise in the popularity of mobile apps all over the world in almost every country. People prefer buying groceries from home to remain safe. As a result, all major companies who shifted to online platform started their app. Experts say that by 2021, sales from mobile e-commerce is going to be around 54% of total retail sales.

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We can see a huge increase in the use of PC and Smartphones because people love to operate in digital platforms. In fact, that is the reason behind the increase in popularity of mobile apps as the consumers want to get this retail experience in an immersive digital form. Moreover, physical shopping needs your presence and involves a lot of your time. People prefer apps nowadays because in case of shopping through apps, it can be done from anywhere and at any time.

Here is some important information about app usage –

In 71% of the cases, it has been found that consumers uninstall the app because of frequent crashing of the app

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A large proportion, i.e. 67% of bugs is reported on the iOS devices

44% of the defects of an app are found by the user himself.

47% of the apps are launched before making final and accurate testing.

58% of the app users get frustrated by the inconsistencies of the app

If the app takes too long to load, 70% of the users abandon it

If the app is found to be not valuable, 29% of the users will abandon it immediately

In case of apps, customers do have control of the relationship with their brands in their hands. They can choose, decide how to make the payment after placing the order or decide whether they will deliver or pick up the order. The customer can also participate in any loyalty program or any other benefits which is being offered by the particular brand. It has been seen that each of these brands offer a lot of discounts and offers through their apps. Regular customers can get information on them if they have downloaded the apps in their website. With the huge availability of the Smartphone and the need to shop in contactless form during the pandemic of Covid 19, mobile apps have gone up to a great extent. It has been found in a study that around 81% of Americans have a Smartphone at hand.

Shopping apps which have been designed to work perfectly on the tablets or Smartphone help the customers to enjoy the best experience with the mobile by ordering items they need, from anywhere, whether it is from the office or home. If the customer has installed an app, there is no need to search for the past orders from his email or search online for various coupons and deals. An app of the brand acts as a centralized hub for the relationship of the consumer with the brand. If you feel that you have forgotten one item, you can add it instantly in the cart by opening the app from the Smartphone. It makes shopping a real comfortable experience to the customer.

How to make a shopping app successful?

The two biggest keywords of a shopping app include ease of use and seamlessness.

The brand must ensure that the shopping app can be very easily navigated and the consumer shall be able to find the product or products which he or she is looking for quite easily. The customer must get his items quite easily from the website and into the cart. After opening the app, the consumer shall be able to get her products and purchase them easily without any hindrance. One thing that should be kept in mind is that the customer must get the information about the deals and offers which the brand is offering before he or she go for any purchase. That will help him or her to make any purchase decision after knowing the deals and offers. While giving the offers and the deals, the management must ensure that the offer is useful to the customer and he or she does not feel that it is irrelevant and turns off the future engagement with the brand.

Another very important thing that should be noted while making the app is that the payment system should be smooth and flawless. Consumers really find the shopping process a hazardous one when the commerce process does not run smoothly. If the customer finds that the payment process went of peacefully without any hassle, then he becomes a satisfied customer and is expected to return back if the product quality is good. The app maker shall have to fit the app into the daily life of the user so that it becomes his or her habit to use the app for return purchases.

Some of the apps have taken a personalized view to satisfy each customer. Different customers behave differently while doing shopping. One customer takes a long time to fill up the cart as she looks for products with greater discounts while another customer will shop fast and go for a faster payout. To make an app successful, the developer must see that it makes both types of customers happy. The app also needs to have faster loading time, otherwise, the users will reject it. So, a good running app needs to have all these features to attract new customers and also retain the existing ones.


With the increase in popularity of shopping apps, it is becoming very much clear that retail stores will have to have their own app to make their loyal customers more engaging to make their shopping experience more memorable.

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