Mayor de Blasio And Barcelona Mayor Ada Colau Talk Launch Of Business Exchange

nyc milan 1Today, Mayor de Blasio and Barcelona Mayor Ada Colau met at City Hall to discuss their shared priorities and the international partnership between the global capitals.

nyc and milan2Both mayors agreed on the importance of sharing information and knowledge in order to provide the best opportunities, quality of life and social services to local communities worldwide. Among the topics discussed were affordable housing, education, access to technology, ‎equity, transparency and open government.

Mayor de Blasio spoke to the importance for people to see that government is working for them. In NYC, he offered the examples of Universal pre-K and Paid Sick Leave legislation. The two also discussed the City’s IDNYC municipal ID program.

Photo credit: 1) Mayor de Blasio and Barcelona Mayor Ada Colau. 2) Mayor de Blasio and Barcelona Mayor Ada Colau. By Dometiurus Freeman Mayor’s Press Office Mayor’s Press Office.

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