Margo Jefferson At The Harlem Arts Salon

Join Harlem Arts Salon on Sunday, March 26, 2017 at 2:30pm, when we welcome author & critic, Margo Jefferson. She will read and talk about her memoir Negroland. Hakim Rasan is our guest moderator. $40. Includes a copy of the book, food & wine.

Buy your ticket here to guarantee your seat. Unlike larger venues, the intimacy at the Harlem Arts Salon offers you a unique cultural experience and the opportunity to meet & mingle with like-minded art lovers. Call us at (212) 749 7771 or email

Proceeds from this event help support The Gloster Arts Project, an artist residency and summer arts enrichment program for kids in Gloster (Amite County) Mississippi

Harlem Arts Salon, 1925 7th Avenue, Apt 7L @116 Street New York, New York 10026

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Photo by Mike McGregor/Guardian News Media.

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