Man Rescued From Harlem River In East Harlem

ABC7NY reports that there was a dramatic rescue in the Harlem River in East Harlem on Friday afternoon.
A 65-year-old man was fishing near East 116th Street when he apparently got a catch and had trouble reeling it in.

Here’s the video:

He fell into the water and a Good Samaritan nearby grabbed a large branch and lowered it to the fisherman.

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“Yes, he was at risk with the current, getting pulled under and pulled away. He was pretty close to losing it,” said Lt. Ed Poly of FDNY Marine Company 4.

The victim was able to grab onto the branch and waited for help to arrive.

Rescuers reached the man and pulled him out of the river.

“He was definitely maybe taking some water in and he was exhausted. He was struggling to stay up, I don’t think he was a strong swimmer,” Lt. Poly said. “He’s stable, a little exhausted from being in the water.”

He was taken to Metropolitan Hospital for observation.

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