Man Of Harlem Style on Lenox Avenue, New York, 1918

man of Harlems tyle in 1918

A great photograph of a man walking on Lenox Avenue (we’re not sure of cross street) in Harlem, NY 1918.

In pure Harlem style he strolls on Lenox Avenue with one hand in the pocket of his three-piece suite and hat, profiling with the ” …another photographer wanting to take my picture – I don’t have the time…” look on his face, and the gentleman on his right reflects the same sense of style.

The year before on July 4, 1917, Hubert H. Harrison urged residents to use self-defense in Harlem in the wake of two series of white supremacist programs (from May 27–May 30 and July 1–3, 1917) against the African-American community of East St. Louis, Illinois.

A few years later pilot Hubert Julian took his first flight above Harlem during the 1922 Universal Negro Improvement Association Convention, when he flew over the parade in a plane decorated with UNIA slogans.


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