Make The Ordinary, Extraordinary With Oak Bottles During The Harlem Holidays

oak-bottle-in-harlemWith the holiday season up on us, the perfect gift is on everybody’s mind. Oak Bottle is the perfect solution to all your gift needs. Revolutionizing the way people consume wine/spirits, the bottle quickly transforms inexpensive wine to palette pleasing levels. Here are the top five reasons why Oak Bottle makes for the perfect gift for any wine/spirit lover on your list.

1. Unique: Unlike anything else on the market, Oak Bottle is the smallest devices of its kind with the biggest impact. Each bottle can be customized with its own design to create an even more unique and thoughtful gift. Available in a variety of flavors, there is sure to be one for everyone.

2. A gift for men and women alike: Adults of all ages will love to receive the Oak Bottle. Whether staying at home for a relaxing night or having family friends over, men and women alike will love to utilize the power of the fastest Oak Aging vessel in the world.

3. Reusable: The Oak Bottle is so fast that its’ contents don’t have time to fully saturate the charred oak inside, so it can be reused over and over by simply flushing it with water.

4. Affordable: The Oak Bottle ranges in sizes and price points between $32.95-$79.95, so anyone can find one to meet their holiday gift budget.

5. Easy to share: With its reusability and versatility, everyone will love to show off their new gift to family, friends, and coworkers. Oak Bottle makes it easy for everyone to enjoy home aged liquors, beer, and wine this holiday season.

Visit Oak Bottle here:

Please sip responsibly.

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