Key Factors That Create An Ideal Remote Work Environment

June 7, 2021

Whether we like it or not, remote work is the new norm. In these highly uncertain times where we are experiencing multiple waves of the COVID19 pandemic, there is no better way for businesses to keep operating other than allowing employees to WFH.

But remote work is full of challenges that can reduce employee productivity and impact the business’s financial gains. This is why business owners must streamline processes to keep employee performance high. Employees too can keep themselves motivated despite the distractions.

What managers can do to create an ideal remote work environment:

  • Be clear about expectations:

A major reason for employees feeling disengaged when they start working remotely is a lack of information. When employees are unaware of what their responsibilities are and what exactly is expected of them, they are bound to feel confused and directionless. Managers must always set clear expectations to help employees work efficiently.

  • Provide necessary tools:

Working from home means employees cannot walk over to a colleague’s desk to enquire about an issue. They will need tools to communicate and collaborate. They will also need tools to share confidential business data and documents. Make sure you provide all these tools to prevent work from getting stalled.

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  • Regularly check up on employees:

In these turbulent times, a lot of employees are feeling isolated and depressed due to the lack of social engagement. With the constant risk of getting infected leading to stress buildup, employees need to be emotionally supported. Managers must regularly communicate with remote employees to ensure their overall well-being. 

  • Equip them with knowledge:

There has never been a better time to train employees. Since they are saving time spent on traveling to & fro work, you can help them acquire new skills and hone their existing skills with easy-to-use training tools like Cloud Academy. This will keep their productivity high and help them tackle all kinds of challenges with their knowledge.

What employees can do to create an ideal remote work environment:

  • Create a dedicated workstation:

WFH is full of distractions, but employees must create a dedicated space that will make it easy for them to focus on work. Clear out some space to set up a workstation where you can keep all the important things nearby. Ensure your family members know that’s your remote workstation and do not disturb you when you are there.

  • Utilize your HPPs well:

Everyone has certain Hyper Productivity Pockets(HPPs) in a day in which their productivity is intensely high. This could be early in the morning or when your kids are taking an afternoon nap or any other time of the day. Identify these HPPs and make sure to dedicate them to the most important task of the day so you are able to get faster results.

  • Create to-do lists:

Being away from the office space means not having anyone keeping a check on your work. This means you are responsible for your own performance. It is best to create a to-do list for the next day in advance so you are aware of what all needs to be accomplished throughout the day. It also helps you prioritize tasks based on urgency.

  • Keep taking breaks:

Of course, you are working from the comfort of your home so there is less pressure but that does not mean your brain doesn’t need breaks. Create a structure for the day so you can take short breaks in between to rejuvenate. Take a walk or listen to your favorite music or catch up with a friend in these breaks to keep yourself from feeling mentally fatigued.


Unlike the office premises, remote work doesn’t facilitate direct management. This means managers must develop trust in their employees to ensure work gets done efficiently without any delays.

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