Kareem Campbell, Harlem’s First Professional Skateboarder (video)

kareem_campbell_2004Kareem Campbell (nickname ‘Reemo’), was born November 14, 1973 in Harlem, New York, is a designer, actor, fashion, music, and Harlem’s first professional skateboarder.

He started training when he was 14, and he is known for his signature trick, the nollie hardflip late backside 180°, or “Ghetto Bird”.

Campbell has been featured as a playable character in the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater through video game series. He’s partnered with Russell Simmons and Phat Farm.

Kareem Campbell was also well versed into Rap Music even recorded and published a song called “Time for some Axion” with the spelling of his Footwear Brand. Some people incorrectly think the name of the song is “City Stars,”  because it’s the chorus of the track. City Stars was the last Skateboard brand that Kareem Campbell founded.

Here’s the Time for some Axion video:

Today, he has started real estate and telecommunications businesses, and talks about a union for skaters.

Check out the best of Kareem Campbell with Harlem’s Big L playing in the background:

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