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Gabriel & Co.

At Gabriel & Co. are celebrating life and love through the art & science of fine jewelry. Led by brothers Jack and Dominick Gabriel, they share a unique passion for the true value of fine jewelry and the emotions jewelry signifies. Over the past 30 years, Gabriel & Co. has earned the reputation as being passionate, dependable, and artistic designers, creators and manufacturers. Their extensive line of timeless pieces encompasses classic and fashion-forward design, ultimately bringing together impeccable artistry with enduring technology, perfect for every unforgettable moment. The story begins with two talented brothers who saw an unfeeling jewelry industry that needed new vision. As young apprentices to their father, master jeweler Elias Gabriel, they learned the exacting art and science of combining precious metals and stones to make a creation greater than either element alone. Committed to making their vision come true, the brothers followed in their father’s footsteps and formed Gabriel & Co. in 1989. With their talented team, they devoted themselves to the production of the finest quality jewelry and unparalleled service and built a creative and striving business in the heart of New York City. 2019 marks the 30th Anniversary of the brand which will be celebrated with the launch of a coffee table book named “Passion. Love. Gabriel™” and other events.

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Michelle Watches

Founded in Belgium by Jack Barouh, MICHELE is known for making women’s watches that are trendy, yet classy in their appeal. Each MICHELE designer watch can be modified and customized to suit individual tastes. You can assemble a MICHELE watch, change watch heads, and choose strap sizes at your leisure. MICHELE watch straps range from sleek gold and bold leather including alligator and premium calfskin leathers, to playful and colored silicone straps. The exquisite watch heads are diamond encrusted and come in various tones and styles. Explore Neiman Marcus to witness the endless variations of MICHELE watches, including MICHELE watch straps and watch heads that are crafted to make a lasting statement.

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MVMT Watches

In 2013, they started MVMT to disrupt the overpriced and outdated models of the fashion industry. Empowered by the people through crowdfunding, our original watch line set us apart by bringing you quality, minimalist designs at radically fair prices. Through social media they grew far beyond our west coast home, becoming a global community of 1.5 million MVMT owners (and counting). They’re inspired by the go-getters, the innovators, the dreamers; and our designs embody this very spirit. They’re built for adventuring, creating, and daring to disrupt the norm. Above all else, they create with the dream of enlivening our ultimate mission: to inspire you to live life on your own terms.

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The defining attribute of the world’s best products. With innovative items and exemplary customer service, QALO provides the highest degree of excellence. An athletic life is a healthy life. QALO believes that to have a balanced lifestyle, you should incorporate active movements every day. Marriage and family are not limitations, but the essential pursuit of the best in life. QALO believes your family & friends are your biggest fans and the ones that make celebrating success that much sweeter.The outdoors is life’s greatest playground. QALO believes you should get outside and explore the most that life has to offer.

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Ruby & Oscar

Ruby & Oscar was established by passionate jewelry and fashion purveyors across the pond in the UK, founded on the fundamental premise of offering our customers the most beautifully crafted jewelry of superior quality: “The dedication and passion by our jewelry designers is evident in each and every piece. When designing jewelry you must be an independent thinker with a creative flair, able to work collaboratively with like-minded people while paying attention to the strength properties and longevity of an item.” Acting as a barometer for high-quality jewelry designs and closely following the latest precious metal trends, Ruby & Oscar brings you a dynamic collection of the finest wearable art. “While adhering to these rules, our designers have free reign to let their imaginations take the helm. I believe offering creative freedom to those you trust is key to creating something remarkable. I love our jewelry and I hope you do too.” David Adams – CEO

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Swarovski is an Austrian producer of lead glass (commonly called crystal) headquartered in Wattens, Austria. The company is split into three major industry areas: the Swarovski Crystal Business, that primarily produces lead glass jewelry (commonly called crystal jewelry) and accessories; Swarovski Optik, which produces optical instruments such as telescopes, telescopic sights for rifles, and binoculars; and Tyrolit, a manufacturer of grinding, sawing, drilling, and dressing tools, as well as a supplier of tools and machines. Today, Swarovski Crystal Business is one of the highest-grossing business units with a global reach of approximately 2,800 stores in around 170 countries, more than 27,000 employees, and a revenue of about 2.6 billion euros (in 2016).

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Vincero Watches

After college, the team moved to the manufacturing hub of the world with one goal; they wanted to make things. It didn’t take long for them to learn that the “makers” of the world favored cost over quality, and mass-production over independent design. Almost every decision was based on the bottom line, and that didn’t sit right with them. So, they set out to do things differently. They started Vincero a few years later in 2014, with a simple mission: make products without taking shortcuts, for people that refuse to take them. They sourced their own materials, focused on small batch production, and shipped everything directly to our customers. They were adamant about being hands-on throughout the entire process, and focusing on more than just the bottom line. It’s this principle that still guides them today. The name Vincero means ‘I Will Win.’ It’s derived from the famous Italian statement “Veni. Vidi. Vici.” meaning “I came. I saw. I conquered.” At its most basic level, this means they’ve got to care about the process. They know that nothing they make will ever be perfect, and they thank you for understanding that. But, there is one thing we are sure about, every product they make will be better than the last. Customer feedback is at the core of their DNA, and listening, improving and innovating is what keeps them moving forward.

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