Jewelry And Fashion: How To Find The Gems That Fit With Your Style

March 1, 2022

If you are interested in fashion, then there’s a strong chance that you are also interested in jewelry. Then again, who isn’t? Everybody has their own style. If you intend on buying jewelry, then you need to find the jewelry that fits your style, otherwise, you risk not pulling it off well.

It’s very important to consider things such as the clothes that you wear, the color of your eyes, and your general appearance so that you can make sure that you look your best. This article will tell you how to find jewelry that fits your style:

Try Something New

If you want to look your best, then why not try something now? Many people, when buying jewelry opt for bright reds or vibrant blues. There are lots of other colours available, however. Black gemstones are a great way to make a statement. There is a long list of black gemstones, far more than just onyx, despite what people think. It’s definitely worth checking these out. Alternatively, you could buy gemstones that are green, pink, and even orange.

What’s the Occasion?

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If you are buying jewelry for a specific event, then you need to carefully think the occasion through. There are different jewels and types of jewelry for specific events. If you are going to a ball or something of that nature for example, then you could wear a simple, elegant diamond necklace, or pearls. If you are going to a party with your friends, then you could wear more bright jewels.

Color Scheme

It’s also worth bearing your outfit’s colour scheme in mind. Your jewelry should always match your outfit’s scheme. If it doesn’t, then it will appear incongruous and tacky. Sometimes, jewels don’t go with any colour scheme and it’s better to wear gold or silver. Bear this in mind when you are planning your outfit, otherwise, you risk standing out for all of the wrong reasons. If your jewels don’t match your outfit’s colour scheme in colour, then make sure that they at least accentuate them.

Skin Tone

Your skin tone should also be factored into your jewelry decision. If your jewelry doesn’t match your skin tone, then it will appear incongruous. This can make you look very unfashionable. People with light skin tones tend to look good with lighter gemstones, and white metals like platinum, silver, and white gold. People with darker skin tones tend to look better in golden jewelry, and brighter gemstones like yellow and red. People with neutral skin tones tend to look good in both.

Eye Color

If you have very bright eyes, then you can complement them by choosing a gemstone that matches them. This works best with people with blue or green eyes because they can use sapphires or emeralds. Complementing one’s eye color with jewels is a fantastic way to demonstrate one’s fashion sense and bring attention to the color of both one’s jewels and eyes. The brighter the jewels, the better.

Style of Jewelry

You shouldn’t just buy jewelry that fits your outfit or the occasion, but also the way that you look. If you tend to look more refined and mature, then buying a flashy, oversized necklace more suited to somebody that adheres to an “urban” aesthetic won’t look good. Conversely, if you prefer wearing urban clothes, a more refined necklace may look small, or silly. The same is also true for rings and bracelets. If you are wearing a suit or tuxedo for a special occasion, then adorning your fingers with oversized rings will look very strange.

Real Or Fake?

Jewelry can be expensive, especially jewelry with gemstones. Fortunately, you don’t have to fork out a fortune to buy jewelry that looks good. It is entirely possible to buy jewelry that’s fake or replica, that still looks very good. It is also possible to buy artificially created jewelry, which looks indistinguishable from real jewelry unless it’s put under a magnifying glass. Artificially created jewelry is often much cheaper than real jewelry. This is particularly true for laboratory-created diamonds, which are significantly cheaper than naturally-occurring diamonds.

Statement Pieces

If you are buying jewelry and want to make a statement, there’s nothing better than buying a statement piece. This is a type of jewelry that is large, flashy, and usually contains a large gemstone. As mentioned earlier make sure that any statement piece that you buy matches your outfit, accentuates it, and makes you look your absolute best.

Buying jewelry can be difficult, especially if you haven’t got any experience with fashion before. Fortunately, with helpful guides like this, it doesn’t need to be. Make sure to carefully pick your jewelry, so that it matches your outfit perfectly. 

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