HWM Events

Created to bring the pages of Harlem World Magazine (HWM) to life through community talks regarding issues concerning Harlem.

With created talks live and/or online with our HWM Partners, and Harlem’s Leaders, Legends, and Trailblazers, to bring the pages of Harlem World Magazine to life, and to provide our HWM Subscribers with access crafted just for them.

Here Are Some Ideas

History & Heritage Talk

Harlem has a rich history and cultural heritage in the community. Fascinating conversations led by HWM Editors, Glenn Hunter, Harlem Cultural Archives, our HWM Partners, and our over 6,000 unique followers on our Harlem History site that delve into the history of the Harlem Renaissance, the civil rights movement, and other significant events and figures in Harlem’s history and culture for our HWM Subscribers.

Art, Dance, & Music Talk

Harlem is also known for its incredible arts, dance, and music scene, particularly in jazz and hip-hop. Talks led by HWM Editors, award-winning visual artist, and founder Danny Tisdale with HWM Partners that showcase local artists, musicians, and performers and/or explore the history and evolution of these genres would be engaging for HWM Subscribers.

Health & Wellness Talk

There is a continually growing interest in health (COVID, and climate change) and wellness in Harlem, particularly in holistic approaches to wellness. Talks led by HWM Editors, lifestyle guru, and HWM president, CC Minton, with HWM Partners that explore topics such as meditation, nutrition, and alternative healing practices for our HWM Subscribers.

Local Chef Series

Host a series of talks or events featuring Harlem chefs and food entrepreneurs, led by HWM Editors and with HWM Partners who can share their years of experiences and insights into the Harlem food scene. This could include cooking demonstrations, panel discussions, or tastings for our HWM Subscribers (timed during larger Harlem food events).

Business & Entrepreneurship Talk

Harlem has a thriving business community, particularly among small business owners and entrepreneurs. Conversations led by HWM Editors that highlight local business success stories with HWM Partners offer advice for starting and growing a business and/or discuss economic development in Harlem could be informative and engaging for HWM Subscribers.

Literary Salons

This salon-style event is where HWM Subscribers discuss and engage with literature in an intimate setting led by HWM Editors authors, members of the Harlem Writers Guild, the executive editor of HWM, Eartha Watts-Hicks, and HWM Partners. To create a unique experience, we host a salon in a historic and/or culturally significant venue in Harlem.

Education & Youth Development Talk

Harlem has a large population of children and youth, and there is a strong interest in education and youth development initiatives in the community led by HWM Editors, and HWM Partners. Talks that explore topics such as after-school programs, college readiness, and mentorship with HWM Cares/H.Y.P.E. could be relevant and valuable to HWM Subscribers.

Art Fundraiser

Host an in-person or online art fundraiser that supports a local charity or non-profit organization or HWM Cares/H.Y.P.E. from local artists and/or HWM Store. is a strong interest in education and youth development initiatives in the community led by HWM Editors, and HWM Partners. You can collaborate with galleries, and artists to create artwork that will be sold during the fundraiser, creating an exclusive experience for HWM Subscribers, that can bid on the artwork or make donations to the charity.

Harlem Family Feud

This game show pits Harlemites against each other in fun competitions. The game show event incorporates Harlem themes, trivia, and/or history to engage and entertain the community. The event is tailored to the community’s interests and needs to ensure its success (other examples: Community Leaders Family Feud, Celebrity Family Feud, School or University Family Feud, Generational Family Feud, Corporate Family Feud, and Community Family Feud).

HWM Events

The mission is to be a world-class cultural and community event where people all over the world connect through culture, arts, entertainment, and conversation. For over 20 years, we have harnessed the power of arts and ideas to enrich, enlighten and change lives, and the power of community to repair the world.

As a proudly African American magazine, HWM Events enthusiastically welcomes and reaches out to people of all ages, races, faiths, and backgrounds while embracing our values like learning and self-improvement, the importance of family, the joy of life, and giving back to our wonderfully diverse and growing community, both locally and globally.

If you have any questions or would like to sponsor do not hesitate to contact us.

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