HW Questionnaire: Vivian Randolph, President, Madame C.J. Walker Enterprises

Vivian Randolph

Her father purchased Madame C.J. Walker Enterprises when she was a little girl, now as president, the mother and avid reader is set to take the company to the next level in a new century. Here, she follows-up her conversation with host Danny Tisdale on HW Radio Show to share her thoughts on Beethoven, her kids and the Schomburg.

Harlem World: What is your job title?

Vivian Randolph: President of Madame C.J. Walker Enterprises.

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HW: What do you do for a living?

VR: Manufacture and sell the original Madame C.J. Walker hair care products. I have speaking engagements across the country wherein I speak on the history of Madame Walker and her Legacy, specifically the legacy of her manufacturing company.

HW: Who has been your greatest inspiration?

VR: Madame Walker and my Father, Raymond Randolph.

HW: What are you reading these days?

VR: Several books ranging from C. Vann Woodward’s “The Strange History of Jim Crow” to books about Nikola Tesla.

HW: What’s your favorite music and why?

VR: I like a variety of music from India Irie, Sade to Beethoven. I like music with a positive message and music that inspires or uplifts the spirit.

HW: What is your most treasured possession?

VR: The historical documents of the Madame C.J. Walker Company and my books.

HW: What is your favorite quote?

VR: It is one that my father had me memorize that has been attributed to Mother Teresa; he called it “We the Willing.” Also a quote from the NOI: “No Nation Rises any higher than its Woman.”

HW: Who would you like to meet and why?

VR: The person that finds a cure for Aids and Cancer, because that person would be a true healer.

HW: If you could, what would you give the world as a gift?

VR: Healing.

HW: What is your proudest accomplishment?

VR: So far, raising my four children and keeping alive the Madame C.J. Walker’s legacy.

HW: What’s your favorite place in Harlem?

VR: The Schomburg Museum on 135th Street and Lenox Avenue.

HW: What are your links for our readers?

VR: They can go to our website at www.madamewalker.net and on Facebook at @MadameWalkerEnterpriseInc.


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