HW Pick: ‘Men Of The Cloth’ A Doc About Three Master Tailors (video)

men of the cloth filmMen Of The Cloth by ­filmmaker Vicki Vasilopoulos is an engaging documentary portrait of three Italian master tailors as they navigate their challenging roles in the twilight of their careers. This engrossing ­film unravels the mystery of their artistry.

Men Of The Cloth provides a window into the past, present and future of custom tailoring, a craft whose roots are in the Italian Renaissance. Artisans Nino Corvato, Checchino Fonticoli and Joe Centofanti have a passionate devotion to their Old World craft. As they confront the decline of the apprentice system they fear that their expertise will vanish with them. Enter a young tailoring apprentice who reflects the resurgence of popular interest in artisanal craftsmanship as an alternative to corporate mass production, providing hope for the future of this craft. Ms. Vasilopoulos will discuss her fi­lm-making process and answer questions after the screening.

Here’s the trailer:

The fi­lm was described by A & H Magazine as “Dynamic, emotional, and inspiring! A captivating tale of an art in both remission and resurgence, Men Of The Cloth is a journey across the globe unifying craftsmanship and style.”

Ms. Vasilopoulos is a former Senior Fashion Editor at WWDMen’s. With a background in fashion journalism, Ms. Vasilopoulos sees documentary fi­lmmaking as an extension of her former career.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2015 at 6:30PM

The General Society Library, 20 West 44th Street, (Between 5th and 6th Avenues), New York City.

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