HW Pick: “Clipped Wings They Do Fly” With Bill Duke (video)

bill duke in cryHere’s a trailer for the soon to be released movie “Clipped Wings They Do Fly.” The movie is purposed to bring attention to the Stigmas associated with Mental Illness in our communities from Harlem to Hollywood.

The independent film depicts the life of one who suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder and Paranoid Schizophrenia. Lead Character “Billy Ray Michael” is played by actor Usman Sharif. He finds himself on trial for a crime in which he doesn’t remember committing. The Antagonist of the movie is “Lead Prosecutor Toby Johnson” who is played by Actor JD Williams, and is also known from his character “Bodie” from the hit series “The Wire.” He is a confident/cocky Prosecutor with a winning record who seeks to maintain his throne. The Protagonist is “Dr. Shelly Neiderbach” played by actress Jen Bergum is torn between her family and personal commitment to her client.

The talent within this production are Hall of Fame actor/director Bill Duke, who plays the stern District Attorney seeking to maintain control of his overconfident prosecutor. Senior actor Bill Cobbs plays the retired judge and father to the character Toby Johnson. entertainer/actress Loretta Holloway is the retired Principal and overly pampering mother to Toby Johnson. The passionate actor Frankie Faison plays “Mayor Goode” who is up for re-election in the midst of such a controversial case that is focused on mental Illness. singer/performer Chico DeBarge plays a nightclub singer “Smokey Johnson” who Wooo the crowds with his voice. In all, there are many talented artists as in Ben Pamies, Bisa Dawes, Rasheedah Crocket, John Crandal, Bishop Donald Hilliard, and many many more who lend their skills to the success of this project.

Here’s the films trailer:

What do you think of the film concept? Do you have a story regarding mental illness?

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