How You Can Make A Difference As An Educator

June 15, 2020

Teachers have always been seen as those who inspire others and can help to change the world. With their guidance and enthusiasm for learning, students can be taught not only academic lessons but ones that they can apply to general life experiences, too. It is probably because of this ability to have such a positive effect on others that many people are drawn to a career in education. There are many paths you can take, from primary schools to becoming a college professor, or even teaching on training courses and alternative educational programs. With so many different ways to teach, there are plenty of options for those who might not want to follow a path to a traditional teaching environment.

Making a difference and helping people to develop and improve is an incredible thing to do, but don’t feel as though your opportunities to inspire start and end in the classroom. If you’re an educator who wants to contribute more to your local community and beyond, here are some factors to think about to help you take these steps.

Engage and Inspire

The word ‘inspire’ has already been used a lot, but that is because it is such an essential part of being an educator. If you don’t get your students excited about what they’re learning or don’t encourage them to think outside the box, they won’t be as engaged with what you’re trying to teach them. If your students are beginning to switch off, you have a problem. Be enthusiastic about what you do and what you’re trying to show them. Think of alternative ways to present your lessons and make them as interactive as possible to get your students involved and excited about it.

Continue to Learn

As an educator, you also have to keep educating yourself. You might already have a college degree, but the world is ever-changing, and you must keep up. The basics of your subject might stay the same, but how does it fit into the world? What is happening in current events that have a link to what you want to teach? Finding that connection will help you to get your students to relate these lessons to the real world and their lives. Furthermore, if you want to advance your career as an educator, you might want to consider learning more about leadership skills and how to become an innovator in education. There are plenty of programs available for you to learn from, including online EdD programs without GRE requirements. Getting a job in such a position is a fantastic opportunity to start making changes in your educational institute and beyond. Seminars and conventions are also good places to learn new teaching skills and keep yourself informed about new developments in the education sector.


One thing you will learn as an educator is that not every student has the same learning techniques or needs. If you’re starting to see a pattern where certain students are struggling or that some learning methods don’t appear to be effective anymore, it’s time to find a solution. Assessing how your students work, as well as what techniques seem to be well received and those that aren’t, is a good place to make a difference. If you don’t take the time to pay attention to these details, your students could suffer for it.


Experimenting with different learning techniques is equally important and should follow on from your assessments about what does and doesn’t work in the classroom. It is highly likely that you will have to try different approaches for different students. If you want to be part of an innovative education movement, researching new ideas and trying out a few of your own that are based on solid theories and practices is a good place to start. Before you know it, you might have all the other teachers at your place of work coming to you for advice and adopting your teaching tactics.

Start Conversations

Moving beyond academics, you should start to introduce real-world discussions into the classroom, both for younger students as well as those who are studying at a college level and beyond. It’s never too early for people to start learning and becoming aware of what is going on in the world around them, and these discussions will help them to develop their own opinions and find their places in the world. Encourage your students to speak up about issues that might be affecting them, learn from them yourself, and see if you can work together to take steps towards a resolution.

Start Initiatives

You can become an advocate for starting initiatives and changes in your place of work – a great place to start – but why not look to the wider community, too? Look at local charities and organizations in your area and find out about how you can get involved as an educator. Your school or establishment might want to sponsor an event or work closely with these groups over extended periods on various projects. It’s not only a great way to give back to your local community, but it will also inspire your students to get involved and draw more attention to the good work these organizations do. Getting involved in activities and initiatives like this is a brilliant way to have a positive impact as an educator and make some real changes.

Passing on knowledge and wisdom is an essential part of being human. Everyone learns from their experiences, but also from the quality of education they receive. As someone who works in the education system, you must do what you can to make positive changes and ensure everyone has access to the best learning experiences. Teachers can have a lot of influence on their students; they can help to shape minds and change lives. As an educator, make sure you’re doing everything you can to improve the education sector and make a positive, lasting difference that will benefit generations to come.

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