How To Use Personalized Discounts To Skyrocket Sales

November 29, 2021

In this digital era, more brands need to focus their marketing strategy to get potential leads’ attention, turn them into customers, and make them stay. While this may sound confusing, there’s a small trick you can use: discounts and personalization. The first one makes customers think they’re getting something for free. In its turn, personalization evokes the feeling of being valued. Since customers have a wide variety of choices today, individual treatment by a company can get their attention.

A personalized approach comes into play, especially with discounts and coupons. This is because it addresses the customer’s unique pain points and needs and offers an appealing solution. So, with the proper targeting, timing, and messaging, personalized discounts can help get your target audience’s attention and boost sales in the long term.

But how can you implement this strategy successfully? In this article, we will go over four techniques you can use to increase sales with the help of custom discounts.

Four special discount strategies to boost your sales

While there are many different methods to help customize an email marketing message or a social media post, we have four standard techniques, especially for sales.

1.   Try out different channels

When you have all the necessary data, it stays only to find the right channel to share the news about your customized coupons and discounts. This can be done with pop-up messages, notifications while login, via email, etc. Social media is another great way to let your audience know that you have a discount crafted especially for them.

When it comes to email, triggered email campaigns come automatically in response to actions or events in the client’s life. For example, birthday, abandoned cart, 30 days after purchase, registration for an event. This channel works best if your customers work or check their email regularly. Once they see the coupon pop-up with bright colors and an appealing offer, it will be hard to just pass over it.

How do you get started with so many channels available? First, make sure to research to find out where your customers are most active on the Internet. Next, tailor the right discount message by using proper language, phrases, and communication messages. Lastly, it’s time to spread the word!

2.   Consider retargeting Ads

This type of advertisement works kind of like a reminder for customers. The tricky part with these types of ads is that your audience thinks they know you. And that is because they’ve been in touch with your brand at some point. For example, a customer may have added an item to their shopping cart but maybe forgot to buy it. In this case, retargeting that customer will remind them about their abandoned product and make them come back and maybe buy it.

Additionally, if you make a special discount such as free shipping or a simple 5% off, they are more likely to be intrigued by your offer and finally make the purchase. Your retargeting ads will remind your audience about the cool stuff you sell or the services you offer, and they will definitely come back to complete their interaction with your brand.

3.   Say ‘Thank you’ to your customers

We all love to be treated with care and appreciation, especially as a customer. For businesses, a simple “Thank you for your purchase!” message to customers is an essential piece because it shows how much that single purchase means to you. Moreover, it’s also a sign your business knows how to appreciate and take good care of its customers.

How can you implement this technique in your personalized discounts to increase their influence? You can begin by grouping customers into, for example, new visitors, newsletter subscribers, first-time purchases, etc. First of all, make sure to thank them for trusting your brand or being loyal to your company. Next, send them your unique discount information as a reward for their loyalty. As a result, they will feel appreciated by your brand and come back for some more shopping.

4.   Offer special discounts based on interests

It’s good for starters to focus on proper customer research to find out their needs and wants, preferences, likes and dislikes about your products, etc. The more information you have on this topic, the easier it will be to target your audience with the right message.

If, for example, a group of consumers regularly buys fitness clothing from your eCommerce store, you can offer a small 10% discount or a coupon on gym equipment. It all comes down to what your customers’ next purchase might be.

To find out what your customers like and dislike, you can start with analytics which gives data on when people abandoned a purchase, how many visitors your eCommerce store had in the previous week, etc. Next tip is to create segments for your audience which will help avoid the one-size-fits-all method of brand promotion. So, by uncovering your customers’ hobbies and habits you can craft personalized coupons, discounts, and other promotional offers that will do the magic for you.


To wrap up, personalization is an excellent key to creating solid customer relationships. Especially when it comes to coupons, seasonal offers, and discounts, you are more likely to boost sales with custom options. Brands can leverage what technology has to offer as well; from data-based analytics to an accurate representation of customer behavior, you can acquire and use it all.

So, make sure to do some digging, gather necessary data, and send individual discounts to different groups of customers. Not only sales but overall business growth results will come shortly after.

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