How To Prepare, Preserve And Protect Your Oriental Rug

October 22, 2020

Oriental rugs you avoid stepping onto can be damaged by minimal care. Therefore, you will want to take a few measures such as sun protection, rug stretching, and frequent vacuuming to maintain your rug from the moment of purchase.

The following guide will take you through the basics of caring for your oriental rug to stretch its lifespan as much as possible.

Avoiding Shoes On Rugs

Dirty shoe soles are a major threat to an oriental rug. Not only do the underside of certain shoes (football trainers, stiletto heels, and even moccasins) damage the hair strands, they also amass a lot of outside grime and dust, which they then deposit into the carpet.

The pressure applied by the bodyweight whilst one is standing on your oriental rug digs into the carpet, making the dirt penetrate its base strands. This can make bacteria and grime grow at the root of your carpet strands, making them challenging to clean.

Most houseguests are likely to understand the “no shoes inside” rules, but with small children, you’ll want to find an alternative such as cotton slippers they can solely wear in the house.

Frequent Vacuuming

The intricate patterns of oriental carpet rugs make it challenging to spot stains or dust accumulation as they occur. Therefore, you’ll want to remain on the safe side by vacuuming at least weekly. The older a stain, the harder it will be to remove, even with professional carpet cleaning treatment.

When purchasing a carpet vacuum, make sure either the seller or manufacturer guarantees it has an oriental rug function, minimizing the suction pull applied on the carpet strands to avoid damage.

Sunlight Blocking

While a sunlit living room is an aesthetic goal for many homeowners, sunlight can be extremely harsh on oriental rugs. It can weaken hair strands and damage the dye, making your carpet lose its vibrancy and look washed out.

You’ll want to either roll up your carpet on warm summer days, keep them in a room with closed curtains or install them in spaces you know to get little sunlight.

Flip The Tangles Away

Carpet fringes can easily become tangled from friction and even magnetic forces between the strands. You might be tempted to comb these tangles out; however, this can damage the fringe strands in the long run.

Instead, you’ll want to flip the rug by folding it, taking one end of the carpet, and walking it to the other end of the carpet. You can also shake those ends, which will naturally release tension and straighten themselves.

Rug Stretching

Over time, foot traffic can cause your rug to be bumpy in certain spots, as the carpet is raised slightly to accommodate pressure and movement. Because the spine of the rug is somewhat rigid, these bends and bumps can lead to tears in the long run or a weakening of the carpet’s “backbone.”

To avoid this, you will want your oriental rug to constantly remain entirely flat against the floor, which might necessitate rug stretching. Rug stretching is relatively easy; however, it involves a couple of steps that are best performed by a professional carpet cleaning team.

First, you will want to stretch out your carpet to the best of your ability, ensuring it lies flat against the floor. Then, you will need to roll it inwards, tucking it in as tightly as possible. You will want to leave the rug rolled in for a few days (or hours depending on the results you seek) and then roll it out.

Once rolled out, your rug should be ironed with a soft intensity iron, with thorough, consistent application. It is advised to seek out a professional carpet cleaner to iron your oriental rug, as they are trained and equipped to make sure your carpet suffers no heat damage.

Airing Your Rug Out

Indoor moisture can get trapped in oriental rugs, particularly during winter, when heating will be used. Rugs can also cling to nasty odors, which are the result of some form of bacteria build-up.

Mold and many forms of bacteria can be eradicated by airing out the rug for a few days, by leaving it outside to “breathe.” Fresh air, minimal sun, and a gentle beating will allow your oriental rug to shed a lot of the nefarious mold, which may otherwise damage your carpet strands.

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