How To Make A Good Resume For Finding The Best Job In 2022

A resume, also known as a CV or personal information sheet is an important document that gives a potential employer detail about you. 

It makes a statement about you but its absolute goal is not a job but an interview.


One of the most important tools during a job search is a resume. Employers want to know who they are bringing on board and your resume is what will help them know your objective. It will help potential employers know your training, the skills you have attained, and your level of education. 

After reading your resume, an employer may decide to engage or send you a regret depending on how you have created it. Some of the most important things to include in your resume are your full names, contact information, and keywords. If you want to write a good resume that employers cannot reject, follow these tips. 

Brand your resume

You might think of branding only in terms of goods and services marketing, but branding your resumes gives you an added advantage before your employer. An ordinary resume will have obvious features such as education, work experience, and skills. However, if you get professional resume services and ask them to brand your resume, you will present your potential employers with an extraordinary resume and give you several advantages.

Branding will help you highlight your unique skills

Branding will help you highlight your unique skills or the level of value you are about to bring into the company. These could be the exact values they are looking for and your employer might likely give you the priority for an interview. 

It will show your accomplishments

It is in branding that you merge your unique personality with your resume to create into the mind of your employer who you are presently and who you will be in the future. The best place to place your personal brand in your resume is at the top like a meta description. Link your resume with your professional social media accounts, website, blog, and LinkedIn. 

Make use of templates

Days are gone when job seekers would create resumes using too common structures. The resume might have the best skills, but such structures do not look attractive before your employers. The internet is full of resume templates you can use. Some are free while others require a subscription but whatever the case, you will get several benefits.

Your resume will look attractive

When you use resume templates to write your resume, it will look organized. A template will guide you and you will know where to put every detailed information you have from contact information, professional, to educational skills.

They are customizable

It is easy to customize your resume using a resume template. It is not advisable to send the same resume to every employer but you can customize it according to need. It gives you better chances to apply to many career fields. 

You save time

You might spend a lot of time designing your resume from a scratch but with a resume template, all that you need is just to insert the necessary information and your resume will be ready in a few minutes. 

Create the right resume structure

Your employer doesn’t just want to see a detailed resume but they want the flow to be good. When you are writing an essay, structure matters no matter how your texts might be detailed and relevant. In the same way, a resume without structure will not brand you well. The following simple structure might help you create a good resume.

Start with your name and contacts followed by your career objective. Have another section for qualifications and another for a summary of your skills. Next will be your work experience and any other achievements that will add value to your resume. Below this will be your extracurricular actives and there will be another section for hobbies. The closing section in your resume is your referees. 

Capture the right skills for the 2022 job market

Business trends keep changing and due to technological advancements, employers are looking for new skills more than before. They want skills that will drive their businesses forward and place them at a place they can compete with bigger companies. Some of the following skills are important. 

Soft skills

Lately, most companies are giving pre-employment tests to help them get the best soft skills. You should put them in your resume before your employer asks. These are skills such as problem-solving, adaptability, cognitive skills, time management, and fast learning skills. 

Hard skills

These are skills that have a direct relationship to the type of business your potential employer does. They are skills mostly learned from school. Think of skills such as business management, marketing, databases development, and foreign languages.

Technical skills

They are skills that relate to technology and they can touch the areas of innovation, digital skills, and programming. 

Know the current resume trends

The job industry is dynamic and it changes frequently so you need to know the latest trends, which will send a very positive message to the recruitment team. There are specific types of resumes that are currently selling most and instead of preparing a resume that is already overtaken by time, prepare one that is in season. Here are some of the most trending resumes. 

The most trending resumes are field-specific where applicants send resumes to companies that require their specific skills. Currently, employers are looking for summarized resumes but not the long-form of traditional resumes. Resumes are not customized to comply with social media requirements because most job seekers post resumes on social media. 


Your resume is what markets you before your employers and you should design it in a way that makes it attractive. If need be, seek help from professional resume creators to get the best resume design and details. Research to know the trending resumes and include the current skills employers are looking for. Instead of creating your resume from a scratch, use free or premium resume templates online and brand yourself in your resume. 

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