How To Know Your Ring Size At Home

Purchasing jewelry is not at all as easy as wearing it. You have to give considerable attention to every detail that goes in while shopping for jewelry. For example, if you head to shop for a diamond ring, you have to closely ascertain the quality of diamonds, if you’re going for a gemstone ring then the quality of metal and gemstone is extremely important. However, the most significant thing while shopping for hand jewelry is its perfect size to go smooth on your fingers.

While you shuffle around legions of hand jewelry, you have to carefully keep the ring size in mind. Especially with rings, you must be aware of your ring-finger size and the size of a ring you are going to purchase. Buying a wrong-sized ring will leave your time and money spent all in vain. Purchasing a small-sized ring would ultimately not push through your finger and can hurt you badly. While an over-size ring has high chances of slipping off from your fingers and getting lost.

So before you rush to buy hand jewelry to a physical or even an online store, you must be cognizant about your ring size. That way, you can always shop without worrying when it comes to sizing. Now, if you’re asking yourself, how to figure out your ring size. We got all the itsy-bitsy details you need.

Here’s everything you need to know about ring size and its measurement at home:

How does Ring Size work?

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Perhaps you already know that fashion outfits are measured in centimeters (cm). Similarly, jewelry sizes are measured in millimeters (mm).

  • For standard size rings, half-size means 0.4 mm.
  • The standard sizes are 6, 6.5, and 7 (16.5 mm, 16.9 mm, and 17.3 mm respectively).
  • For men, standard sizes are 10, 10.5, and 11 (19.8 mm, 20.2 mm, and 20.6 mm respectively).

The size of the ring is measured as the circumference of its inner surface

How to Measure Ring Size at home?

Fortunately, measuring ring-finger size is damn easy and can be done at home using simple methods. The fact that figuring out the correct size gives you an admissible advantage in the future, it is worth recognizing it now. Here are three simple techniques that you can use to measure ring size at home.

1. Use a Thread or Paper Piece to Advantage

Use a string or a paper strip to measure your ring size. Wrap the string or paper around your ring finger and mark the first overlapping area with a pen. Remove the string or paper from your finger. Measure the length of the string, or, paper using a measuring scale (in millimeters). Avoid stretching the string to avoid wrong measurements.

2. Old Ring Does the Trick

If you already own a ring that perfectly fits your finger, then it can simply reveal your correct ring size. You can go to your wardrobe and check for old rings a wedding ring or morganite rings you purchased recently. You can either check previous details (if you have), or you can use a ring-size chart to find it. Put the ring on the chart above the size where it matches perfectly. Note the size and purchase the correct sized ring accordingly.3.

3. Ring Sizer is Handy

Ring sizer is cheap and is available easily on Amazon and at Walmart. Moreover, the above two mentioned methods are not as precise as this method. Ring Sizer is a ring with a ring size written on it. You have to wear it and note the size carefully after you measure it using this tool.

Tips for Measure Ring Size at Home

Here are some tips to estimate ring size at home accurately:

  • If your knuckle size is broad, then make changes to your ring size accordingly.
  • Do not stretch the string too much while measuring size.
  • Don’t make a final decision with one try. Make sure to do two or three measurements. If you find a different value in each attempt, then take an average of all numbers.

Now, Let’s Roll

Better to go prepared to a jewelry shop than revisiting for exchange. Measure your ring size at home using these methods and have a satisfactory happy shopping experience ahead.

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