How To Diagnose Your iPhone Issues (And Resolve Them)

In this modern-day and age, people mostly rely on their smartphones not only to make calls or send messages but for a wide variety of other purposes.

More often than not, smartphones are also used to browse the internet to look for any information, product, or service necessary. When it comes to smartphones though, iPhones made by Apple still prove to be one of the most popular brands there is in the market. This article delves into some of the most common problems that you may encounter with your iPhone, as well as how to diagnose and resolve them effectively.

Water Damage

One of the most common problems that you may encounter with your iPhone is water damage. This may be caused by a water spill or accidentally dropping your phone in a water source. To diagnose the issues that arise from water damage, make sure to dry your phone first using a towel and removing the SIM card.

From there, you can put your phone with silica gel sachets for a couple of days until it is fully dry. Some even put their phones underneath uncooked rice. This is one of the most effective iPhone troubleshooting hacks that you need to be aware of because you just never know when it can come in handy. Just keep in mind not to turn on your phone or plug it in while it is still drying. Rest assured that if you have been backing up your data, you will be able to recover them from iCloud as soon as your phone is dry.

Battery Life Issues

Another common problem that you may encounter with your iPhone is battery life issues. You will be able to diagnose this as soon as you notice your phone battery draining rapidly. More often than not, this occurs after an upgrade of the operating system. In this case, what you can do is to perform a factory reset on your phone or control the apps that consume the most battery life such as streaming through YouTube.

On the other hand, you may also notice that your phone’s battery fails to charge even when it is already plugged in. In this case, diagnose whether the problem is really with the battery by cleaning the charging port first to ensure that there is no debris stuck in it, preventing your battery from charging. From there, make sure that the cable you are using to charge your phone is functional by using it to charge other Apple devices. If the issue persists, then you are already sure that you have a problem with your phone’s battery. Thus, take it to the nearest service center for they are the ones in the best position to resolve your problem.

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Connection Problems

Sometimes, you may find it quite difficult to connect to the Wi-Fi or even to other Bluetooth devices. In this case, you may be experiencing connection problems with your smartphone. The best way to diagnose this is by switching off your phone and restarting it. As soon as your phone is powered back on, you should be able to connect to the Wi-Fi or pair with other Bluetooth devices seamlessly.

If not, then you may need to open your phone’s settings and under the Wi-Fi menu, make the HTTP proxy to auto. In the same manner, you can also reset all options and settings under the general menu in an attempt to resolve your Bluetooth issues.

White or Black Screens

 A white screen can be caused by a failed jailbreak or hardware problem while a black screen can be a result of an app update or even malware. To effectively diagnose this problem, the first thing that you need to do is to turn off your phone and reset it. If this fails to resolve a white screen issue, then you may need to implement a hard reset or a factory reset. Otherwise, you may need to boot your iPhone in device firmware upgrade (DFU) mode. In case of a black screen though, you may want to charge your iPhone first to rule out any battery issues.

Regardless of the brand of the smartphone, you intend to go for, and its operating system, there will come a time when you are bound to experience some issues. In the case of iPhones, the issues listed above are only some of the most common ones that you may encounter. Fortunately, there are already easy to follow fixes to diagnose and resolve these problems, yielding you to restore your smartphone to its working condition.

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