How To Care For Your Hair Bundles: 8 Dos And Don’ts

While some women prefer to purchase wigs, others prefer to buy hair bundles.

Bundles are a collection of high-quality hair usually tied with a ribbon. The difference between bundles and wigs is that unlike the latter, bundles are not yet sewn to a cap that makes them ready to wear at any time.

People use hair bundles for several reasons ranging from adding length and volume to their hair to protecting their natural hair. Bundles can definitely last for a long time. Nevertheless, the care you put in your bundles determines their lifespan. Below are some dos and don’ts that will make your hair bundles last longer.

5 Essential Dos for Caring for your Hair Bundle

1.    Have A Hair Routine

You need to have a hair routine for your bundles and you must be intentional about it. Regular washing is a significant part of maintaining your hair bundles. Washing your hair bundles is necessary whether you install them or not.  Always use a shampoo and conditioner free of alcohol or sulfates. Why? Both ingredients are known to strip off natural oils, causing your bundles to matte.

An excellent wash routine involves washing down the bundles and focusing your shampoo and conditioner on the ends of the hair to nourish them. When washing, it is ideal to use lukewarm water as hot water strips oils from the hair. The most important step in washing your hair is to detangle with a  conditioner. However, for curly hair, conditioning will not only detangle but will also help to define  its curl pattern.

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After washing and conditioning your hair bundles, absorb as much water as possible with a clean towel. It’s best to air dry the bundles. Washing should be done at least once biweekly or more frequently. But if you have curly hair bundles, wash them at least once a week. 

2.    Brush with The Right Comb

Occasionally, you may notice tangles and knots on your bundles. This is very annoying! But brushing frequently can reduce these tangles. So, when brushing your UNice hair bundles or UNice wigs, use brushes or combs designed specially for bundles and the hair type. For instance, a wide-toothed comb is suitable to detangle curly bundles whereas a brush is good for straight hair.

When brushing your hair bundle, do so carefully and remove knots and tangles from the hair’s end. One mistake hair owners make is brushing aggressively. Avoid doing this! Brushing your bundle aggressively or when wet can cause shedding.

3.    Store Properly

The proper way to store your hair bundle is to keep it away from sunlight in a cool and dry place. And before storing the bundle, ensure it is completely dry to prevent mildew growth. And more importantly, try hanging your hair bundles on a hanger to retain their shape.

4.    Use A Satin Scarf or Pillow at Night

Satin scarves protect your bundles by retaining moisture and keeping the hair soft and silky. But satin scarfs are very slippery and can fall off. If your scarf ends up on the floor when you wake up, you can use a satin scarf and pillow for maximum protection at night.

5.    Tie Up Your Hair

If you have to swim, you can tie up your hair in a low bun or use a wig cap. However, you should avoid tying the hair in a ponytail to prevent excess pressure on your head.

Furthermore, when swimming, avoid letting your hair soak up water for an extended period. When bundles absorb water, it reduces their lifespan. Instead, dry your hair after swimming, especially around the bond areas. Afterward, you can add a conditioner to protect the hair.

3 Essential Don’ts When Maintaining Your Hair Bundles

1.    Don’t Sleep with Wet Hair

After washing your hair, you must dry it otherwise, you risk the growth of mildew and tangled and matted roots, damaging the hair. So, air dry your bundles after washing them. Although blow drying is faster, air drying is the best way to remove excess moisture from your bundles, especially if it is synthetic. You can blow dry your human hair bundles but don’t try it with synthetic bundles.

2.    Limit the Use of Heat

Although you can apply the same treatment you use for your natural hair to your hair bundles, it is better to limit the use of heat styling. Frequently using curling irons and other heat styling tools damages your hair bundle and reduces its shininess. Instead of using curling irons, you can achieve curls by braiding the hair bundles. You can also use hair rollers and allow the air to dry.

Nevertheless, use a heat protectant before styling if you still have to apply heat to your hair bundle.

3.    Reduce Hair Products

Hair products like sprays and oils can congeal on your bundle or , accumulating dirt. Therefore, if you must, try limiting the use of these hair products.


Hair bundles save you a lot of hair-making stress. Because they are available in several styles, lengths, and colors, such as blonde human hair bundles, natural black bundles, highlighted hair bundles, etc. you can customize them to suit your taste. Although these bundles have high quality and are expected to be long-lasting, you still need to maintain them.

Following the essential tips discussed in this article can help prolong the lifespan of your hair bundle.

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