How Do I Get A Medical Marijuana Card?

Since March 2020, it’s possible to attain medical or adult-use marijuana in 30 states plus D.C.

However, to get eligible and benefit from the promising healing benefits of the herb, the state requires you to hold a medical marijuana (MMJ) card.

If you don’t feel like running down to the store, you may opt to have it delivered right to your house. Don’t have a New York medical marijuana card yet? Here’s what you need to know to obtain one.

MMJ Card Application

Your application for medical marijuana can be made online or via a local MMJ provider. However, to be able to obtain it online, you must make sure you have your doctor’s or a professional medical recommendation at hand. 

If you choose a local medical marijuana provider, you won’t need your doctor’s recommendation. You just show up at your scheduled appointment and check with a licensed medical professional on-site. Next, the staff will handle the rest of your MMJ application paperwork and sent it in on your behalf. 

Qualifying Medical Conditions

IN order to benefit from medical cannabis, you have to visit a licensed physician within your jurisdiction and receive an MMJ recommendation. The NY med card procedure implies that both a medical professional and the patient in cause must agree that marijuana is an effective alternative, and you must have an “approved” condition. 

Note that qualifying conditions may vary from one state to another, so make sure you check your local laws. For instance, if you’re a New Jersey resident, the following requirements could qualify you for an MMJ card:

  • Hepatitis C
  • Glaucoma
  • Cancer
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Lou Gehrig’s Syndrome

Because a medical evaluation is mandatory in all states, you will first need to book an appointment with a medical professional and get ready. For instance, if you’re suffering from an inflammatory disease like osteoarthritis, make sure to reflect on how this condition impacts your everyday life and how MMJ could ease certain symptoms.

You should also bring your medical records and a list of any disability, injury, and illness that could be helped with medical cannabis and a government ID to prove your residency.

During Consultation

During your first MMJ Card appointment, it’s important to be relaxed. Note that the doctor has no legal obligation to approve you, so make sure you act accordingly and fully give an accurate picture of your current condition and why you think medical marijuana will improve the quality of your life.

Advantages of Getting an MMJ

A medical cannabis card is the only legal way to gain access to this medicinal plant in a state where medical marijuana is legal and recreational marijuana is not. The illegal use of cannabis is seriously penalized with potential time in prison or fines.

In states where both medical and recreational cannabis is legal, there are still clear benefits to acquiring an MMJ card. Jurisdictions with medical cannabis programs allow patients to purchase high-quality medical marijuana from certified providers.

MMJ cardholders are also able to purchase products with greater potency, often inaccessible for recreational use. They’re also permitted to possess higher volumes of marijuana than recreational users. 

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