How CBD Can Help You Manage Work Stress

We all know stress is a normal part of life, but for some of us, work is nothing but stress. While we may try and find ways to manage our stress, the traditional options just don’t always do it.

Take a bubble bath they say, exercise, drink more water, eat healthily, or practice meditation but many of us know these common options can only take us so far.

So when your project is approaching the deadline or you feel overwhelmed with your micromanaging boss, you may need something a little more active to help bring you some ease. For many, hemp flower, like those with Dr. Ganja, does the trick. 

Too many of us have looked at hemp flowers as something bored teenagers do or the lazy college student. More and more are realizing this cannot be farther from the truth. Whether you are overwhelmed with planning a wedding, suffering from chronic back pain, or just want your job to be a little less stressful, hemp flowers can give you the perfect fix.

How Stress Can Negatively Impact Us

Daily CBD notes that 6 things happen when we let stress take control. This includes an increased heart rate, higher levels of glucose in our bloodstream, our digestive and immune system begin to shut down, our blood vessels tighten, and neurotransmitters like norepinephrine release into the brain.

Not only does this sound like a lot, it is a lot! It wears terribly on our bodies and does not allow them to function in their best capacity. With stress, this is going to bleed into how you feel emotionally, how you perform at work, and how you physically feel. One after another, you can quickly see how this snowballs into an unhealthy lifestyle.

What Can We Do About it?

We talked a little bit earlier about a few options you have, but if you want something that many have relied on to help calm a wide array of ailments, hemp flower may be the perfect product for you. Continue reading below to learn more about CBD products and how you can incorporate them into your daily work routine.

Get Better Sleep

There is no doubt, stress during the day is going to be determined by what you did the night before. No, I don’t mean just crazy nights out at the bar – did you get enough sleep!? Did you go to bed at a reasonable hour or did you toss and turn all night? Did you have too much to drink that caused you to wake up in the middle of the night?

Going to bed at a reasonable hour is a good start but a way to make sure you get even better sleep is by incorporating CBD oil into your bedtime routine. Use a few droplets on your pillow or sheets, to have it infused with your senses as you sleep. If you have an oil diffuser, this is another option for spraying your room with this calming oil.


Sleep doesn’t just help you be more alert, it helps you look more alert. However, we can all use a helping hand in this category every once in a while. Incorporate CBD oil into your skincare routine to soothe your cracked, dry, or irritated skin. This can be done with mud masks, moisturizers, or just a few droplets of oil straight on your skin.


For many, our number one fear is public speaking. Sometimes you can have all the training in the world or imagine them all in their underwear, but it just doesn’t do the trick. A common issue with those that have fears of public speaking is speaking too fast, stumbling over words, or forgetting your pitch entirely. This is all rooted in nerves that get the best of us.

If we could only relax, we would notice smooth presentations that make us look good and clearly communicate. CBD gummies are an excellent option to pop just before a presentation that allows us to have control over the speed of which we talk and focus on the words that come out of our mouth.


CBD is such a versatile substance that you can use it on nearly anything. Whether that’s bedsheets, in skincare products, or even cooked straight into your evening meal. There are plenty of recipes that show you how you can use CBD in your meals to create delicious meals that fill the belly and calm the mind.

Try incorporating CBD oil into a pesto sauce for your pasta, drizzling it over some baked potatoes, or a few drops in a marinade for the evening roast. It is an easy material to work with that will not change or alter the integrity of the food, but can leave you feeling quite relaxed at the end of a meal – as opposed to stuffed and in a food coma.


For a nightcap, turn to a cocktail infused with hemp flower that will relax you in all the right ways. Whether you would like to sip a drink that will put you right to sleep or a sweet Margherita to talk with your family before it is time to hit the hay, a cocktail can be a fun way to use up the rest of that CBD.

While this is a fun option for a weekday night, it can be a fun option when hosting a get together on the weekend. Gather your closest friends together for some drinks and good times. Infuse a signature cocktail with some CBD to really wow them. It can be a new twist on your favorites that will thrill everyone with your inventive mixology mindset.

Hem flower is a relaxing and natural way to bring some peace and quiet into your life, even when you’re past the deadline or you have a big presentation you feel uneasy about. CBD can be incorporated numerous times throughout the day that allow you to work more efficiently and with a clear head.

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